A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019)


Another game on my radar, sort of looks like an interactive walking sim with some stealth from what I’ve seen. This comes out on 5/14/19. Focus Home Interactive the publisher must have had a lot of leftover rats from Vampyr. :D

Key features:

  • An original story featuring two young orphans on the run from the Inquisition.
  • A gameplay that blends action, adventure and stealth phases.
  • Survive against an great danger: supernatural swarms of rats that appeared with the great plague

Stunning Visuals? ;)

Story Trailer:




This developer apparently has issues with crunch time?

Another write up of some gameplay and story:

Some footage from Gamescom last year:


Moar footage:


I’m hoping this comes to Game Pass or Humble Bundle or something because I think this looks interesting and probably worth trying, but I’m not sure I want to cough up full price.


Ok , I am thinking this might end up a day 1 purchase for me.


Launches Tomorrow!


Decent reviews for this , holding 80 on the average.


Tom ended up streaming this for 2 hours, it indeed is something I will be getting eventually.

@tomchick I’d love to see a review since you seem to really have enjoyed this game so far.


Also this RPS video was good:

Ack its from May 10th, heh, still good.


Played through the first 3 chapters so far, it’s pretty good. The game is downright gorgeous and I’m liking Amicia and Hugo. Love the setting and atmosphere, and you can turn off all the on-screen icons for more immersion.


I was wondering about that. I watched part of Tom’s stream the other night, and I found that pretty distracting. Good to know. Thanks!