A poll for the men of Qt3, to which some may object

TMI, fyi

Never happened.
But I do have two small kids and are constantly wondering why kids evolved into ball seeking homing missiles. They hit them, run into them, jump on them and whack them with toys.

But at least I never sit on them.

Stop bringing your legs together to sit.

This thread calls for the Big Balls song by AC/DC

Oh, man. Your balls just got rimboed.



This thread should be about the “two fat guys trying to get into an elevator” problem so that it’s not limited to men over 60.

The point of this thread: “Hey Qt3 - I have low hanging balls.”

Weird thing to share.

But so is having freakishly low hanging balls.

Perhaps we’ve now found out where he got his board name “extarbags” - maybe he’s got “extar” down there…

Yeah, that shit is freaky. TMI.

No, the point was to prove to my girlfriend that this happens to everybody. Backfire!

The only thing Qt3 can prove to anyone’s girlfriend is that her boyfriend is a dork.

I’ve only sat on the left one, the right one is smart enough to get the hell out of the way. Stupid left ball.

This poll reveals that deformity IS uncommon. Have a doctor look at 'em.

All too true.

It probably hangs lower than the right one. Everyone’s balls hang in such a fashion (but maybe extar’s don’t).

Mine switch up which one is lower.

(oops-already been said)…maybe i should read things from beg to end instead of the other way around…