A pox on both your houses!

I’m officially an Independent.

I’m officially telling you to get over yourself.

A single reply to this thread is two posts too many. TWO replies, however, is just an embarrassing turn of events.

It’s “A plague o’ both your houses!”


Thanks, Arthur.

So, like O’Reilly?

So? I’ve been an independent for years. I typically vote Democratic because I think they’re less insane than the Republicans, but they have a loooong way to go before they earn my loyalty

Your mother no longer has control of your bank account?

Wow, three image replies to Dirt and they’re all Asian.

Stay classy, Qt3.

There’s no way to determine the ethnicity of those ninjas. They could be Dr. McNinja, an Irish physician who just happens to also be a ninja.

Same to you.

Oh yeah . . . never mind.


Those ninja are actually members of the Qaluyaaq Yup’ik people of Alaska’s Nelson Island.

Way to stereotype, you racist prick.

Fuck China.

Those people have slanted eyes as well?