A question for someone who knows London decently

I’m working on a piece of fiction that has pieces that date back till around the Great Fire. It’s modern day so I have one question: What’s the area that WAS the Fleet Street Prison currently occupied by? I’m thinking of using that location and want to make sure it’s not some “area of significance” that I’ll get called funny names if I use. I spent a month in London a few years ago, and it’s one area that’s eluding my memories.

As an aside, I was thinking of using Shepherds Market, I think it’s called–it’s off Piccadilly about one or two blocks down from Stratton/Mayfair Continental area.

I’m not intimately familiar with that area of London, since I always lived in the north/north-west suburbs, but Fleet Prison is on the edge of what is now the financial district (“The City”). Fleet Street (named after the river, as is the prison) is nearby, and until about 20 years ago, was the centre of mainstream newspaper production in the UK.

I haven’t visited that bit of London for ages (moved to the USA), but after a quick search, I found the following link, which might be right up your street (hohoho):
Scroll down to the section on fleet prison, they are constructing a new office building there right now. He follows the path of the river fleet through central london, and appears to have taken shedloads of photos along the way for you to browse. Hope that helps!

The river? Don’t you mean the open-air sewer?

For lots of good info about that period of London, Stephensons Baroque Cycle trilogy is great for that.

You are my personal hero of the morning. This helps a lot. I had googled it, but this eluded me.

There are two very recent books on the Great Fire if I recall correctly (non-fiction that is). Usually they’ll have decent maps of fire coverage and could be extrapolated to present times…

— Alan