A quick Oblivion question--help!

For the life of me, I can’t see a way to take an item from my inventory and put it INTO a chest or crate or barrel or whatever–I used them for quick and easy storage playing TES 3. Is there any way to do this in Oblivion?

I think when you click on the chest or whatever and your taken to the inventory screen, there are 2 tabs, whats in the chest and what’s in your inventory tab. Click on the other tab that takes you to your inventory. Then I think you just need to click on what items you want placed in the container.

Just be aware that if you place an item into a chest or barrel that you don’t own it’ll disappear after a while.
If you don’t own a house then you can just drop the items you want anywhere and they’ll stick around. I used to leave armour and weapons that I couldn’t carry just inside the main gate at Bruma.

So for safe keeping just drop stuff anywhere, except in a chest or barrel.

Really? I thought stuff on the ground would also eventually disappear as well? I’ll have to try that. I often end up with piles of arrows and want to have a little ammo stash here and there.

Hahah, Buy the house in Bruma, and make it a fortress. I have armor and weapons in sweet looking position The tables and shelving units make great display cases, and then take your bow, and repeatedly shoot unwanted arrows into the door frame. They stick there, and it look pretty damn cool.

Eventually it will disappear I believe, but I’m not exactly sure how long that takes. As long as you put stuff in a container that doesn’t “refresh” it’s contents from time to time they’ll stay put. The cheapest way for reliable storage is to just buy the little shack on the waterfront at the Imperial city and stash your junk there.

If you use any player housing usually they make the chests in the place safe for holding items. Also, the “Guild Ownership” mod adds a chest to each guild hall for use by the player if he or she so desires and is marked as safe.

I had a question regarding the end of the Mage’s guild storyline.

So I guess, spoiler warning.


Ok, so after I talk to the old Arch Mage, he tells me I’m going to be the new Arch-mage and then kills himself. The volume was a bit low on my TV, and I didn’t catch why he had to kill himself? Seriously?

Anyway, I have to go to Echo cave and kill the King of Worms. So I fast travelled to Bruma and rode my black horse from there to Echo Cave through the mountains. Once I get there though, the door is locked and needs a key. I’ve fought the ogres that are near the cave, I’ve gone a few miles in each direction looking for someone else to fight, but no one mission related seems to come out to fight me.

On Gamefaqs, it says this:

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by Bolor Savel, who has
a rather interesting skin tone. You will have to kill him to get the key that
will open the door to the interior of the cave. Once he is dead, grab the key,
unlock the door and step inside.

How am I supposed to encounter this Bolor Savel person? Where is he?

Spoilers ahoy…

Noone really heard that, that part is just really poorly done. The idea is that the King of Worms is so powerful that can turn you into a thrall with just a thought. Only the soul of someone extremely powerful can shield you from Mannimarco long enough to defeat him in combat. Therefore the (terribly characterized) Traven has you located the XXL sized black soul gem and sacrifices himself, placing his soul into it and giving you the defense you need to put an end to Mannimarco’s threat. They kind of dropped the ball on characterizing Traven, Mannimarco and explaining all this, eh?

Sorry I can’t help you with your specific problem. It’s been too long since I went through that chain.

They kind of dropped the ball on characterizing Traven, Mannimarco and explaining all this, eh?

Yeah, no kidding. Thanks for the explanation. At least it makes sense now why he had to sacrifice himself. I have to say, the Mage storyline had a lot of potential. When you come upon the mage guild in Bruma, after it’s been attacked, that was a really powerful scene. But then the mage guild missions really fizzled. You never got that sense of urgency or peril again.

On the other hand, the Dark Brotherhood missions were almost all beautifully handled. Even the more mundane kills that are picked up as “drops” in random places make sense in the overall context of the story when everything is revealed.