A Quiet Place: Day One - Going urban!

Oh yeah, should be good.

Big fan of this series.

Yeah, I really enjoyed the first two movies. I love the formula of “make you care about Person A, B, C, and then put Persons A, B, C in jeapordy”.

I haven’t watched the trailer and I’ll be going on information blackout until this comes out in the summer, but I did want to pop in to note that what’s exciting about this sequel – especially for someone like me who didn’t care for Krasinki’s approach to the first two movies – is that this movie is written and directed by Michael Sarnoski, the fellow who did Pig, the weirdly but splendidly understated Nicolas Cage revenge movie from a few years back!

I loved Pig!

But I did also like Krasinki’s approach to the first two movies.