A Quiet Place - Krasinski, Blunt, shhhhhh

Enjoyed the first but don’t know if it left me wanting a 2nd.

man, the person whose job it is to make sand roads has it pretty fucking rough.

So, Quiet Place does the Walking Dead. Should still be good, right? Right?

Rewatching the first one now… I like Emily. I actually think she is one of our best modern actresses that seems underrated.

I just watched this for the first time last night. I decided that I wanted to watch the trailer for the second one, but it might be a good idea to watch the first movie before doing so. If you enjoy slow, plodding, Stephen King stories where everything that can go wrong will go wrong (and none of the science or setting limitations makes any sense whatsoever), this is the movie for you. And because i do enjoy most of King’s work, that’s probably why I enjoyed this movie as much as I did, despite all the flaws pointed out by several trustworthy people above.

I just tried not to think too hard about why these people didn’t move somewhere louder (like the waterfall). Instead, I tried to concentrate on the smaller issues of the moment, like momma bear playing footsies with a fucking nail.

I also really enjoyed the monsters, but had to not think too much about their ability to cause EMF disturbances and such.

Overall, there was plenty of other micro stuff to keep my mind occupied, so I didn’t have to waste my time dwelling on all the ridiculous macro stuff. So this was a great movie in my book.

The trailer for the second movie makes it look good, and because there seems to be a focus on telling some of the backstory about the early days of the (invasion? outbreak? awakening? escape?), maybe we’ll get to spend more time with the whole happy family again.

I’d rather we not discuss the second movie’s trailer in the thread for discussion of the first movie.

The first movie was good, so I plan to watch the sequel. Hence, no need for me to watch the trailer.

I think that’s the key to enjoying most movies. If the storyteller can keep you occupied and grab your interest with what’s going on now, they can hopefully shut out over-analytical parts of your brain.

Of course, then there’s movies that actually toy with the over-analytical parts of your brain, like 10 Cloverfield Lane, that can be pretty effective too.

If only there was something that could be done about that, instead of someone who shall remain nameless dropping the trailer in the wrong thread. :)

Suspension of belief is something we all do for certain movies, but have a hard time in others. I enjoyed this movie, but I can surely understand the nit picking of it.

Looking forward to number 2.

I will watch anything with Blunt. I really do think she does an outstanding job acting. She is also physical … I don’t think there is anyone like her as competition…I just watched the Quiet Place (1? I guess) and it was a generally well done movie.

QP2 is a first week movie for me. But hey I loved Sicario.

what did you think of Edge of Tomorrow or the new title they gave it after release Live, Die, Repeat?

When Emily shot Tom Cruise in the head in that training room… she was golden after that.

What did you think of her as bee farmer Lucy Markham in Foyle’s War?

Oh man – Emily was in Foyle’s War wasn’t she? Let me re watch that episode and come back with an intelligent reply.

Clever boy K.

I love Foyle’s War. Well, I loved every minute of it up until the cold war season(s) changed the tone, but what a fantastic show.

Don’t forget Mary Poppins Returns! I mean, just because everyone else has.

Looks like Hoopla has all of this show called Foyle’s War. Is it worth watching all 8 series, or just the one episode that Emily Blunt was in?

In which season does the cold war start?

I don’t remember the specific season. I blitzed through them years ago, but it was one of the last 2 or 3.

I think Emily was only in one episode of Foyles war. Btw I just saw the preview for QP2 and it is def post-apoc. I rewatched QP1 and thought “I will strangle my daughter if she makes one more noise” which is funny. The gimmick in this is pretty good.

QP2 looks straight up post-apoc. Fine by me that’s my favorite genre. Plus Emily.

ps --Foyles War is an absolutely excellent series because of Foyle and his great sidekick. Name that actress lol.