A Quiet Place Part II - Now with more sound!

Discussion for the film may as well kick off here since we have an official trailer now!

I think this trailer looked amazing, and it somehow made me remember how incredible the first movie was, from performances and world-building. I should watch it again, for sure.

At first the title utterly confused me because I thought they made a sequel to the Quiet Man game…

I would jump for joy but I don’t want to attract monsters.

Did I miss something? Did the dad die at the end of the first one?

Did you see the first movie? It was … pretty memorable.

Apropos of probably nothing, when I see the title to this movie for some reason my brain always confuses it with

(A movie I enjoyed.)

I did, but don’t remember that.

Yea, he was already wounded and used himself as bait to lure a monster away from his kids who were trapped in a derelict truck. The monster had some good eats

May want to spoiler tag that @kerzain

But we’re in the thread for the sequel!

Spoiler: watch the first movie before reading a sequel thread.

I saw that movie when I was like 14, at a friend’s house- his dad collected weird movies. I’ve never met anyone else who has even heard of it (though admittedly it doesn’t come up that often). I’d like to se it again.

What’s the release date? I avoid trailers.

I’m a little late to the party, but pretty much this.

Just says “March” at the end of the trailer, so not sure which date, but not too far out.


I rewatched this recently. Still very good. And the scene of the poster is as memorable as ever.

Trailer seems to have been taken down, but I’m all in for the logical extension of Alien to Aliens: They figured out how to fight the monsters and now instead of a slow burn creeper flick it’s a balls-out make sound weapons and go hunting flick.

Saw this last night as my first theater movie in 15 months. Overall I really enjoyed this. Maybe a hair lower than the first QP, but Krasinski is a very skilled director and storyteller and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in the future. Great use of sound (again) and he manages to avoid the sequel trap of making everything more bombastic.

Special props to Noah Jupe’s non verbal acting skills, even if he looks way older than he did in the first movie. Also, didn’t his character have asthma in the first film? No mention of it here.

Hoping @tomchick and Kelly are covering this on a podcast soon!

Heard a podcast ad for this today. With the terrible tagline “Silence remains golden”. First of all, that’s not a saying. Second, the actual saying wasn’t the first film’s tagline, so it’s not like they have an excuse.