A Quiet Place Part II - Now with more sound!

Saw this in the theater Fri morning with the family, our first movie outing since 2019. I’ll avoid spoilers, but I enjoyed the first one quite a bit more. The sequel is fine, for the most part, but the day one intro, while cool, doesn’t carry the emotional weight or impact of the first film’s opening and how that’s used to influence character interaction and even the big moment toward its end. And speaking of endings, the sequel’s falls flat as a board, I was half-stunned when the credits roll and my immediate gut reaction was, “That’s it, that’s all we get? But what about this and that and this. . . .”

The box office is back, baby!

Agreed that the flashback opening is really weak, there’s just zero tension there. I understand why they needed a flashback to make the character motivations work, but just a hokey action scene played straight doesn’t fit the movie at all.

But can’t agree on the ending. I though the movie kept constantly improving, and resolved everything it set up. It didn’t need to be padded any more.

If you think of it as just the next scene of the first A Quiet Place, it makes more sense, to me at least.

I did see this in the theater, which was fun.

This is on Paramount+ starting today? Wow, that was fast.

I’ll probably watch it this weekend.

I think I’ll sign up for one week of free Paramount Plus…

In Canada it just popped up on Amazon Prime streaming.

Ugh, another whole dumb movie of people tiptoeing and whispering.

I did like the kid actors, though. So at least the movie’s payoff scene was based on their interaction. And a pretty clever take on that interaction. It would have been cool in a better movie. Also, redneck Cillian Murphy was badass looking, even if he didn’t really do anything particularly badass. I mean, that dock scene? Yeesh.


Just watched it, and I’m disappointed.

It’s the same damn movie. I was hoping the sequel would expand the world even further, but instead the climactic moment is another cat-and-mouse hunt where feedback is used to kill the alien at the end. Meanwhile, kids do extremely stupid things to “advance” the plot.

We watched this a few days ago. It feels almost offensive that a movie like this is so mindbogglingly predictable.

I also find it amusing that people are willing to waste hundreds of words laying into the absurdities of The Tomorrow War yet this movie’s premise barely even raises a murmur.

I would wager that’s mostly because more people can see Tomorrow War easily as part of their Amazon sub.

Huh. A Quiet Place II does come with the Amazon sub, at least here in Canada.

Its merely ok. I liked the first one far far better.

Not in the US. You have to sub to Paramount+