A REAL black diamond!

Is this true? And if so, is it black because hundreds of african children have bled for it?

Black diamond in Ebay

Black diamonds come from Brazil.

But just in case you were worred, I’d never buy you a black diamond. They’re ugly.

Master Magnetic Rose knows a great deal about gems. Ask her about black diamonds, fire.

I know about black diamonds, they’re the ones I can’t do toe turns on because I lean back.

Just relax and dive into it. The moguls will slow you down. Or send you hurtling to a grisly death. Either way.

Easy for you to say, safe at your computer, distinctly not hurtling sideways down a cliff.

So it’s ok if I socialy engineer my daughter to want a huge black diamond since they’re no african kids fighting a civil war to get her one?

black diamonds are the most common of all diamonds. Until recently, when someone got the bright idea that maybe they could get people to be stupid enough to buy the clearer, less ugly ones as jewelry, they weren’t even called black diamonds, rather they went under the icky tradename “Bort.” They’ve been used for several decades now in various industries, such as precision cutting tools, sanding cloths and other manufacturing uses. Black diamonds until the last few years or so have been largely thought of as a commercial grade diamond, of no use in jewelry.