A reason to read Slate again

Dave Weigel landed there after getting fired from the Washington Post. And he’s fantastic.

Like this.

“We need to bring out 9 million independent voters,” Israel explains. “If you do a geographic analysis of them, they live in about 37 fairly suburban, moderate districts across the country. Those 9 million independent voters, in those 37 [districts], elected Republicans because Republicans said that they would, on Day One, focus on revitalizing jobs. And what did they do on Day One? They redefined rape. That is not what those independent voters expected from the new Republican majority.”

This is the kind of bluster you can engage in after your opponent has dunked on himself. It will undoubtedly continue until at least Nov. 6, 2012. Abortion rights activists, whose relevance had been waning during elections fought over the war in Iraq and the Great Recession, have found a toehold in politics again. The strategy has three parts.

  1. Wait for the pro-life movement, now at an apex of political power, to do something stupid.
  2. Pounce on the stupid thing that it just did.
  3. Repeat.

Fred Kaplan has been at Slate for years, and his articles are consistently interesting & informative.

But it’s nice to have a second reason to read Slate.