A Roguelike with a twist? Legend of Dungeon - 4 player sidescrolling coop goodness!


Just saw Nvidia link this game.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ExLiQbecdT8

From the looks of it, it could be really fun. Getting 4 player local coop could be an issue on the PC but I guess the title could do well on XB Arcade or on the PS4.
Couldn’t see anything about it coming out on consoles apart from the IOU/OYYUA – but I think it would fit nicely in the ‘arcade’. Going to keep my eyes on this one.

Bulletpoints: (Now with real bullets!)

[li]1 to 4 Player Cooperative Gameplay (same PC, multiple controllers)[/li][li]Randomized Dungeon[/li][li]Controller support[/li][li]Real-Time Beat’em’up style combat[/li][li]Permadeath (with 2+ players, you become a ghost, and collect spirit orbs to resurrect)[/li][li]Randomized Dynamic Music built from 244 tracks[/li][li]Dynamically Shaded Pixel Art![/li][li]Real-Time Shadows[/li][li]Online Score Board[/li][li]Awesome Weapons and Magic![/li][li]Creepy Monsters and Bosses[/li][li]Made in Unity - For Windows, Mac and Linux! Android and OUYA ports coming soon![/li][/ul]

The Ghost Feature is kinda neat, but I wonder how much it would ‘defeat’ the purpose of death. On the other hand I guess in Coop the game shouldn’t be too punishing.

I’m guessing from the URL that this is the guy that made the Robot wants Puppy/Kitty/Fish/Ice Cream platformer flash games. Those were pretty good.

Oh, haven’t heard about those. From the little video snippets I’ve seen it looks pretty cool. Hope they move from local coop only and add lan/i-net though. But, it will be good solo as well I am sure.

Available on Steam now (early release) – anyone tried it?

I played it some over the weekend. Seemed very uninteresting to me. I only played solo, so I can’t speak to the multiplayer. If there was any depth to the combat, it wasn’t apparent. It seemed like the melee was basically no different then just running up and slamming into an opponent till you or it died. The depth should have come from item selection, but that also seemed dully simple. Summon everything you can, then sit back and shoot fireballs or switch to your melee weapon if things get close. The item system was also strangely exploitable. Big weapons slow your character down, but switching items is easy, so it’s best to have a dagger next to your big weapon, keep it equipped until right before you want to attack, then quickly switch to your big weapon and swing until your opponents dead, then switch back.

Speaking of, character movement in the game is frustratingly slow. It probably wouldn’t be frustrating if there was some mapping system, but there isn’t, so I frequently found myself lost while wandering the halls. Luckily, every floor is only a couple rooms big so you won’t be lost for long, but the slow move speed made that minor annoyance a bigger one.

It seemed to me like the game was pretty much a gamble. If you get good items at the right times, then you sail through. Otherwise you play until you die without much thought in-between.

Am I missing something?

That’s a shame. Thanks for the impressions porousnapkin. The game being a gamble isn’t so bad (it is a RL, after all), but the rest is pretty damning.

Add the name to that list of bullet points. It’s somehow managed the triple whammy of being generic, being incomprehensible, and being backwards.

Yeah, I played this in beta. It was extremely boring and clunky. I can’t imagine it’s improved much.

I found a laser cat, which was a cat I held in my hands that shot laser beams. Terrific. Only the beams frequently did no damage. I can’t tell if this was due to a bug, or because of some other mechanic at work (like lasers only hurt undead or somesuch).

I found the item switching clunky. Something about the way it’s displayed, the bumpers were never going in the direction I thought they would.

We (three player family game time) played it a bit over the weekend. My impressions were not as negative though. It’s lighting and pixelated art reminded me of Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine (which was a game that didn’t appeal to me). Legend of Dungeon is indeed clunky and it sounds like others got further than we did, but maybe that was due to the more limited resources and chaos of couch multiplayer. I liked it enough for what it was: a random dungeon experience played multiplayer. In a way it reminded me of the much older (Apple II days) Castle Wolfenstein with random seeds mixing up the pixel combat and exploration.

I have not read any FAQs or anything, but some fun things were discovered as we played with the different weird inventory we found and we definitely felt like there was some kind of puzzle action going on in order to reach some rooms or places. Also some nasty surprises caught us off guard when the game threw some twists at what it established previously as safe.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too easy to please. Will I play it for 20 hours? Not likely. For 10 bucks did two adults and a seven year old get their (my) money’s worth of entertainment out of it? Yep.

I’ve played with this my kids for a while (bought it after Pax East demo last year). Good for some quick mindless fun but definitely not really a game I’d recommend for anyone looking for an actual game. It’s more of a time waster for me.