A single top income could buy housing for every homeless person in the U.S

Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality in America – The Contrasts Will Drop Your Chin to the Floor

Each of the Koch brothers saw his investments grow by $6 billion in one year, which is three million dollars per hour based on a 40-hour ‘work’ week. They used some of the money to try to kill renewable energy standards around the country.
Also note, the Koch Brothers gave over $400 million to Republican candidates over the last 8 years.

I need to sub for one of those guys for twenty minutes.

With the amount of money spent on the homeless/hungry/poverty stricken over the last 50 years (since LBJ) every American probably could have had a government house.

If we hadn’t wasted all that money feeding the poor, we could have used the savings to house the survivors. Of whom there would have been considerably fewer. Your logic is outshone only by your compassion.

Somehow I knew someone would jump to that conclusion. If we didn’t have to pay for housing for all the poor we could feed them all at Flemings.