A Song of Ice and Fire

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A near death experience is what caused Stephen King to finally finish The Dark Tower. He didn’t want to die leaving that work unfinished. He even wrote his brush with death into the book and how Roland saved him.

I agree with Gordon as well. I’m interested in GRRM’s novel, if he finishes it. If he doesn’t, that’s okay too, I still enjoyed his work immensely.

Yup. If he finishes, then great. If not, oh well. We all have GoT season 8 to finish the story.


That didn’t work out so well.

I agree with Gordon, as well as the earlier sentiments in this thread that neither of the remaining books will ever come out. Oh well. Better that than Dark Tower 5-7.

I’ve always been convinced that that experience–he got hit by a car while walking or jogging or something–left him with some brain damage. He got even weirder afterwards. Though in general I must say his tweets are often salient and funny.

Or, we can just say the story is unfinished, which I am fine with. But again, I am on the milder spectrum of GoT admirers.

Absolutely. He’s more than allowed to never write another word again, and given A Dance With Dragons, that might be for the best.

So today is the day he called for his fans to imprison him if he hadn’t finished. Kinda funny he made that promise.

In other news, Patrick Rothfuss publisher said this week she doesn’t think he’s written for 6 years. On a meta level, my consumption of fantasy books has changed as a result of Martin. If an author breaks the implicit contract, they’ll finish their story then I am less likely to purchase newer authors writing trilogies.

OTOH, authors I know that are either transparent or have a good work ethic (Abercombie/Sanderson), I will gladly purchase their epic sprawling tomes on day 1.

On the one hand, Neil Gaiman is correct in saying “GRRM are not your bitch”, however on the other “Ice & Fire” has confirmed my resolve to only ever start series / trilogies if they have been completed.

Yup, I saw that Facebook post from the editor.

“I’ve never seen a word of book three.”

Oh well.

You know it’s weird but i get it from a creative level. There are some things i’ve written a couple years ago that i have a hard time returning to. The spark that lit my interest has gone out, and it’s more intellectual impetus than any fire in the gut that makes me return to it. This is especially true once you’ve reached the “twist” and the rest of the short story / novel / series is just playing out in an obvious way.

On a business level he clearly has more money than he ever hoped to gain and is content enjoying the harvest and seems little concerned for the next. But it’s bad form and unprofessional and frankly a bit flaky. It’s also possible though, maybe he discerns not to look the gift horse too far in the mouth, and is content to let the show finish the series for him and not stir up a lot of drama and change a bunch of plot and in any way disparage HBO.

Honestly Rothfuss could just ditch it. Announce no plans to finish it. I’ve been watching his Twitch streams where he interviews other authors and he’s a fantastic presenter/entertainer. Even his gaming streams are great, where he’ll stop and talk about different ways to tell the story for like 20 minutes in a middle of a single dialog choice.

I’d almost rather that Patrick keep up public output than hide away for a few years and finish the book.

I guess that’s like having my high school soccer coach note that I haven’t been to practice for years now. So basically former publisher. I keep seeing his name associated with various kickstarters and other projects, which is a negative for me since I didn’t care for his writing at all. He must be keeping busy living the life and avoiding having to finish his series as much as possible.

This is the only thing I know him by, I haven’t read any of his work. He is fun to watch doing other stuff though, an entertaining dude.

I would love to see Rothfuss finish the series, but I think while in book one he knew what he wanted to do when it came to moving on with the rest of the series he got lost. I am sure that happens with authors all the time, and it is probably the danger of writing multi-book stories. Better to use the same character and just put him in different stories for some authors.

When people say they want Rothfuss to finish, do you mean book 3? Because book 3 won’t finish Kvothe’s story, not even close.

GRRM’s recent posts are similar in tone to what we were seeing from him in 2010. Covid seems to have slowed his other distractions such as new HBO productions down enough that he’s not as distracted and has refocused on book 6 and has been building momentum. The bad part is he’s basically admitted to not having written as much as hoped in the intervening years, so someone like Wert thinks he’s still 100s and 100s of manuscript pages away from completion and that 2022 is the likely release date.

Well it was supposed to be a trilogy but based on book 2 there is no way he could finish it in 3 books. In fact if you go by the pace in book 2 the trilogy will now take a dozen books. And if they are like book 2 I am afraid he won’t have many readers by that time.

Yeah, Book 1 was really fast moving at times, and covered many years of the main character’s life. And then suddenly, Book 2 covered one summer vacation.

There is also book 2.5 that takes place over a few days mostly underground.