A Song of Ice and Fire


Just saw Episode 3. Wow, Littlefinger is so apt. Just as I imagined. The Imp gotta be one of their best selection. Super cool headed and yet mysterious. I’m truly enjoying it.


This is a BOOK THREAD!!!

When you update this thread, and it isn’t news about GRRM making some offhand comment about the Winds of Winter release date,



Yup, ditto.

In other news, I started reading the Wheel of Time books this year for the first time. I expect to finish the entire damn series before Winds of Winter is published - and my life is busy enough that I don’t get near as much reading time as I used to. :P


Sorry bud. I seemed to remember a TV thread of this show with similar name. It was a long time ago. I will see myself out :P


I bow my head in shame.

Oooh! A penny!


It’s hard to see this as anything but an attempt to capitalize on name confusion.


Except the original 1983 Fire and Ice is kind of a cult movie.


Why, do you like pain?


Skip books 6-10, just read the Wiki entries for them.


That bad?

So far I’m enjoying the series (on the third book) as moderately schlocky fantasy fare. I know enough people that have read and praised these books that I may as well fill the gap in my reading. Of course, the moment the next Scott Lynch or GRRM book drops, I’m setting these aside. ;)


That bad. The drop off in quality is enormous. Whole books are nothing but filler.


Books 1-5 were decent to different degrees (though I read them as a teenager, and had far different tastes in the time before the world wide web was a thing.) Book 6 is worse, and it just gets more progressively awful. That said, I just started book 9 last night, thinking I’d power through 9 and 10, hoping that books 11+ were at least half way decent.


I’m not even sure where I left off reading that series…at some point it was just a jumbled mess of repetitive crap that all ran together. And of course the usual braid tugging throughout!


I was too busy smoothing my skirts to remember where I left off ~15 years ago. After book 8, I had decided not to read anymore until he finished the series. I’ve since amended that to “someone finished the series.”


Most people feel that the first 4-6 books of the Wheel of Time series are good enough to read and that until book 11, just skip them. Personally, I like 1-6 and felt 7-10 were boring. As for Crossroads of Twilight (Book 10), I highly recommend reading the first and last chapters. Literally nothing else matters. The entire book is all about just one day.


I see what you did there. Nicely done!


Yeah man, same here. The series went from this is awesome! To this is…unbearable. I will never finish the series, I don’t think. I can’t remember where I stopped…Path of Daggers sounds familiar but not sure if that’s the last one I read or the first one I didn’t.


You guys realize people coming to the Song of Ice and Fire thread may read posts like olaf’s there and think you are discussing GRRM’s work, right?


And then go all, “Whaaaaaa, book six is out???”


There are parallels between WOT and Ice and Fire. Just like WOT, there was a big drop off in quality. Books 1-3, awesome. Books 4-5, not great. Also I would put money on GRRM never finishing the series.