A Spreadsheet to the Stars (or my Aurora AAR)

If anyone’s interested I’m starting an AAR for the 4x game Aurora over at Octopus Overlords

I won’t be cross posting everything here, but I’ll give updates and if anyone would like to volunteer their names we have positions available in the empire for Naval Officers, Army Officers, and Civilian Administrators.

Anyone interested can post their preferred branch (if any) here, and there’s also a list of traits you can choose from. If you have no preference you can go with the random defaults, but anyone so inclined can also post up to 5 traits that I’ll assign your character.


The Overlords

Here’s the latest assignments as of 8/7/12.

I tried my best to at least get everyone an assignment, but since we only have so many combat ships and only captains and above are rated for command of those at this point a lot of those assignments are in non-combat branches for now.

If your current assignment has a default name post what you what to christen it as!
Because I’ve read too many Jack Aubrey books valid ship names will be “HMS xxxxxxx”. Nothing too silly please… the pride of the Overlords is at stake. :)

Seppe - Clone Pending Reassignment

Imperial Navy
Emperor Sepiche - Head of Imperial Naval Command
Rear Admiral JonathanStrange - C.O. CG HMS Octopoda, S.O. 1st Strike Group
Commodore Janster - C.O. DDG HMS Janster
Captain Paingod - C.O. CG HMS Azathoth
Captain Veloxi - C.O. DDG HMS Grenadier
Captain Ashcan Pete - C.O. DDG HMS Uhlan
Captain xwraith - C.O. DDG HMS Dragoon
Captain Willie Nelson - C.O. DDG HMS Nautilus
Captain Varity Jubarensis - C.O. DDG HMS Petyhorcy
Captain Ingrimnur - C.O. DDG HMS Hussar
Commander Mr Bismarck - C.O. JS HMS Brudenell, S.O. 1st Scout Group
Commander Tom Chick - C.O. FT Galleon 003
Commander WYBaugh - C.O. JCS Y-4 001, S.O. 1st Construction Group
Commander Holman - C.O. FT Galleon 001, S.O. 1st Cargo Group
Commander Montag - C.O. CS Sigma 001, S.O. 1st Colony Group
Commander Cylus Maxii - C.O. GE Gamma 006
Lt. Commander Zenn7 - Intelligence Officer, Imperial Command Staff

Imperial Army
Major General Archinerd - C.O. 21st Infantry Brigade, Commander of Imperial Ground Forces
Brigadier General LordMortis - C.O. 22nd Infantry Brigade

Imperial Administration
Administrator Hipolito - Governor of R’lyeh
Administrator Tampa_Gamer - Governor of R’isa

R’lyeh University
Professor Daehawk - Head of Energy Weapon Research
Professor tgb - Head of Logistics/Ground Combat Research
Professor Granite - Head of Propulsion/Power Research
Professor Shinjin - Head of Missile/Kinetic Research

C.O. = Commanding Officer
S.O. = Senior Officer

Wow, I didn’t even know OO was still around. Time to see if I can log in.

I’m very intrigued by this game. I used to love Stars! a lot. Where do you get Aurora and how much is it?

Sidenote - Is there a way to get Stars! legitimately?

Not sure about Stars!, but Aurora is a free game you can download via the link in my first post… look for the Installation forum.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it has the makings of a great community AAR at the very least.

Telefrog, this is way, way, waaaaaay more…intense and involved than Stars!, FYI.

Also, you can buy Stars! serial numbers through various sources that turn the demo into the full game, like here:


I had this game want to change my system files to get the game to work, I wasn’t too sure about that.

So I recommended anyone to stay the heck away from this back then…has this changed?

The installation instructions told you to keep the older files then and they tell you to keep the older files now.

So… no?

Hardly can say I would like to change my recommendation then, but either way I’m excited to hear this AAR.

Man, this thread just made me sad by reminding me how disappointed I was when Stars! Supernova was never released.

:( :( :(

Yeah, I just told the installer to keep anything that was newer than what it tried to install, and everything seemed to work out okay. The developer has his reasons, but all the install issues relate to him coding everything in VB6.

Stars? What about VGA Planets?

I’ve finished the first two posts about the Overlord Empire on OO and that covers the basic geography of our starting system as well as the starting infrastructure and a few initial orders.

Later this week: Order of Battle for the Overlord Imperial Navy

Very interested in the AAR. I have tried to install Aurora a couple of time but been defeated. Hopefully your AAR will ignite my desire to try again!

I’ve been waiting for 5.70 to drop before starting a new game in this. But sign me up for Fleet Officer “Ashcan Pete”.

This game has the most shocking installation procedure I’ve ever seen…

And when done, it still lacks files, says visual studio is free, but I haven’t fun a free non-trial version of it yet…

Weird, I don’t remember anything like that.

Welcome aboard!

There will be more details in my next update, but in the way of teasing… you started as Commander Pete, but got a quick bump to Captain and a plum assignment: Seen Here

I tried the tutorial on youtube, but its just not installing right, its missing files, it says on forum I can get them easy and free, but there is no links there to them, and a search shows that Visual Studio is far from free, it costs a lot of money.

I’d really like to try this , but the game is so badly made it’s just a brick wall

This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for 5.70, too, but now I feel like installing it again. :)

If you still have room for a fleet officer, I’d like to join: Willie Nelson (Cheerful, Lazy, Skilled Orator, Substance Abuse).

I’m not sure you couldn’t just google search for the files you need, but the free versions of Visual Studio are called “Express”. http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010-editions/express

Thanks for the link, I found that, but I only saw the free trial stuff. I will try this, because nothing else has bloody worked so far.