A Starbuck's frappucino is nothing but a coffee-flavored YooHoo

Because Mrs. Wilson works for Duke University, and because Duke University has entered into some weird exclusive service agreement with PepsiCo, which has some arrangement with Starbuck’s, I came home last night to a fridge full of this stuff.

And that’s my verdict. The only difference is that a YooHoo tastes better than a Starbuck’s Frappucino.

I like frappucinos. I’m only interested in coffee-type drinks if you put so much sugar into them that they essentially bear no resemblance to coffee at all.

Actually, for all I know, a frappucino has no coffee ingredients anyway. It’s mainly the sugar I respond to.

I drink a lot of Frappuccinos, but these are the ones that come out of a blender at Starbucks. I don’t know how they make the bottled stuff, but it’s definitely not the same formulation as the “fresh” Frappuccinos. I would go with a YooHoo, too.

The new Orange Creme Frappuccino tastes like a dreamsicle. Sure, it’s nowhere near coffee, but on a hot day, it’s great.

Full disclosure: I work for your green-siren-logoed overlords.

Brilliant. Your viral marketing has convinced me to try one. Dreamsicles…yummy.

Hrm… great. so you either get a coffee drink with essentially no coffee or you order a coffee and get an over-roasted mess of charcoal-water.


Fraps has plenty of coffee–they’re made out of double-strength brewed coffee, ice, milk and whatever extra flavor you want in there, blended. That’s essentially all it is (you can ask for an espresso one instead of just coffee). The fresh ones that is. Not sure about the bottled ones, which are okay.

— Alan

I used to drink the bottled ones fairly regularly (1 a week or so), but i began to notice a hint of staleness to their taste which i can’t stomach anymore, and so haven’t had one in a long time.

I’m a black coffee sort of guy anyway, so i’ve somewhat grown tired of the sugared flavor. I’ll get one of those cold 2$ double-shot cans on the way to work if i’ve run out of coffee or haven’t had time to pick some up. Nothing beats a cup of joe out of a ceramic white cup at your local breakfast diner in the morning, though.

The light iced coffee cans aren’t bad. They don’t pack in a ton of fat and calories, yet they aren’t too bitter.

I pity all of you who do not know the wonder of the 7 times boiled coffee.

The light iced coffee tastes like 1% coffee, 95% water, and 4% milk. Fraps are ok - I have a fridge stocked free at work, google style, of 'em. However, I’m the guy who hits the “2 cups” button on the espresso machine enough times to fill a coffee mug, drops a creamer in it, and it’s my morning coffee.