A State of Decay that never ends

Title A State of Decay that never ends
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When July 17, 2013

Unlike many open-world games, State of Decay ends decisively. You can always go back to your saved game just before the last mission. But once you do that mission, you leave Trumbull Valley for good. The credits roll..

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Is this a commentary on cookie-cutter developments?

So now we have yet another Zombie Survival game to avoid. Thanks for the heads up!

Sounds damn fine. I remember playing the 'how-long-can-you-survive' mode in Dead Rising and having a blast in a very different way than I did when I was playing the main story. Eventually, you're gonna die but it can get so epic.

I had a buddy who played Dead Rising like a lunatic; he made it a one-life-only experience. No saves, no reloading after death. If he died, he restarted the entire game, no matter how far in he was. Admittedly, the original Dead Rising had a mechanic where you could restart from the beginning with whatever stats you had when you died, so it kind of loaned itself to that experience, but it was still absolutely ludicrous. I could never have that much patience with a game.

This sounds so great. Failure is the best ending for a zombie game.

Boooo! I hope that's the Royal we that you're using.

I believe this is coming to PC? I command a modding community to spring up around SoD and provide me with more maps to play in!

I can't wait to get this on PC

We hear you. We obey. All hail Kird Ape, for he is a glorious leader and with his great vision our path is set.

I did that for a while, and with DR2 as well, though in both cases after I'd gone through up to a dozen lives I started resuming from saves. It's fun, but eventually you want to see the content later in the game.