A Stoned Owl in a Christmas Tree

Repost from another board I visit. This shit has been cracking me up for the last 4 hours.

A Florida family bought a Christmas Tree, and found a little surprise inside. They had waited five days to decorate it, and when they started they discovered a tiny owl hidden inside the tree.

The tiny little screech owl was taken to a local bird sanctuary, which soon discovered why the owl had been quietly hiding in the tree. It’s feathers had a very strong odor attached to it, and the owl looked quite odd. Blood tests confirmed it.

The owl was high as a kite. Stoned. Little guy had been eating marijuana. And apparently really high quality marijuana because he was still stoned out of his mind days later. This was a first for the animal sanctuary.

And the story has happy endings for all. The screech owl, appropriately named ‘Cheech’ has made a full recovery. The Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary was in dire need of funds to continue operations. The publicity of the story brought in much needed donations to keep them afloat.

And little Cheech was released last Thursday. I’m sure he had serious munchies for some mice.

More Pics here


That’s precious.

Where did the little owl cop his dope? I guess if you have the money they’ll sell you dope, no matter how young you are!

Stoned dogs are fairly common at vet clinics (my wife works at one). But dogs will eat pretty much anything, I’m curious how an owl would ingest marijuana. Maybe it stumbled upon some (very easy to catch) mice in some remote corner of a national forest.

That’s the cutest owl I’ve ever seen, for whatever that’s worth.

Fantastic story, thanks for sharing. That little owl is adorable.

Shit, they’re on to me!

FTW. That’s fucking great. It is a gateway drug.

I laughed so hard that cappuccino nearly came out my nose.

Nearly? That’s no so hard. Come back when you achieve blow hole, Ahab.

Snooty pedantic comment for Bull: Ahab wasn’t the whale.

Bonus snooty pedantic commend for Bull that he will likely find useful at some point in the future when using the ‘Wherefore are thou __?’ idiom: Wherefore means why.



P.S. Owls are awesome!

Edit: for Johan O, who won’t even cut a guy a little slack for a typo!

Snooty pedantic comment for Tom: Abab is spelled Ahab.

PS. ABAB is a swedish security firm immortalised in the KSMB song ABAB.


It’s been circulating the office with similar results…plenty of giggling and self-restrained choking laughter


Ya rly.

Seriously though everytime I think about this damn owl I start giggling like a school girl.

I thought the blonde chick was really hot! Dancing Queen! Fernando!

Wherefore thou be such a Moby Dick, Tom? :)

Dude! Are you holding? I think you’re holding. Gimme some!

That owl looks seriously pissed off.