A story that raises a helluva lot more question

Uhhhh… so this looks like a normal crime story, until you actually read all of it.

I dont get it.
Is there something I am missing?

Do. The. Math.

The stabby pregnant girl’s 27, the boyfriend is 18, the article says he’s her boyfriend of “several years.”

This is actually right near where I grew up, in San Mateo County (my hometown is the next town north of Redwood City), and such pairings are hardly unusual among the Latino community there.

Islas is three months pregnant by her boyfriend of several years. Islas allegedly grabbed a serrated kitchen knife and stabbed the 18-year-old boyfriend in the abdomen.

That didnt strike me as all that odd. I mean really you have dudes knocking up chicks that are that are a lot older then them all the time.

Shit when I was in HS some dude was going out with a freshman and he was 24.

Yeh, except… he was her boyfriend for several years… let’s say that’s 7 years. It’d mean he was 11 when they started dating. Don’t any of you have calc.exe ?

Well, according to my OAD “several” is defined as “a few, more than two but not many.”

whoa dude 7 is a bit of a stretch.

If I was talking with someone, and they insisted that a use of “several” was actually indicating seven, I think I would have to punch them.


So at best… it’s 4. He would have been 14 when they started dating and she would have been 24. Oh, and if no one sees a problem with this, reverse the sexes.

I think you are reading way too much into it. Lots of people use “several” to mean two or three in colloquial speech. Of course, that still makes him underage when they started dating.

<nutsak> if they can’t even decide on what serveral means, what makes them think the people who wrote the story were using some kind of standard?

He told me to post this…don’t ask me why.

I think the woman was a strict linguist and mathematician and meant precisely 7.

Or perhaps the story isn’t exactly accurate. It’s very poorly written, for one thing, and they evidently haven’t even identified the boyfriend yet.

I am almost sure that several means 19 so clearly she must have made a deal with the fucking kid’s parents . When you look at it that way, this is a shocking story. Thanks for posting! :)