A surprisingly intricate flash game


I highly recommend going through the ‘help’ menu, since it’s actually a manual.

I would LOVE to see more complicated flash games. I can’t seem to get the page to load though :(.

At any rate, I will try it once I can see it. There was a shooter style Flash game that came out a year or more ago that I enjoyed. Can’t remember the name of it, but it reminded me of Subspace, but for one player.

I found the castle thing kind of boring. This thing isn’t bad though.

Evidently, due to Jakub’s blatant disregard for keeping a good thing quiet, the guy’s server became overloaded and he had to take all the games down. Here is a screenshot for those of us who did not get a chance to play:

If I had a dollar for everytime I said that to my wife…

Yes, it’s all my fault. I eagerly await Chet’s 60,000 word dissertation on the topic of how my post was too long.

So I take it it wasn’t the Castle thing? Cause that was ridiculously simple

Hey, I got the castle thing too. So I never saw anything that looked like that pic up there.


Actually I think your post was a little long. Do you really need the help for this?


I kept expecting to get a Trogdor upgrade so I could proceed to burninate all those damn guys running at the castle. I got to level 15 and then I got sworded and lost all my mans, though.