A T-Rex?

Ok , had one of these sneak up behind me on the highway today.
Here is the answer to the gas crisis! 0-60 in under 5 sec, and good gas milage!

for more info:http://www.go-t-rex.com/

thats awesome.

Can I get it with the optional rear-mounted rail gun?

I’d be a little afraid to take one of those one the road, but it sure looks awesome. What’s the mileage, anyway? The site doesn’t say. And how much do they run?

Edit: Apparently they run $45,000. Eep.

Is it a good winter car?

Only in northern Michigan or Wisconsin.


One of the fastest cars on the market at the moment, and at £35,000 much cheaper than the cars it ranks with in track times

Damn I’m getting old - I was hoping for a Marc Bolan thread.

Let’s talk safety. How do these things hold up when the dickhead in the SUV decides he’s going to change lanes on top of me.

Do I get to die instantly or do I have to suffer on like that chick in Million Dollar Baby?

It’s basically a refitted motorcycle so probably about the same as that.

yuri, concidering the driver was lower than my WRX bumper, I’d say you would be an SUV pancake.