A thread about ASMR videos being creepy or cool

Since this is the closest thing we have to an ASMR thread, I thought I’d post this here. This woman is simply incredible. Her ASMR content is on a whole other level from nearly everyone else, extremely high quality production values, narrative, lots of care in every detail, including palette, wardrobe, ambient sounds. Apparently she’s a professional makeup artist who has won national competitions. I’m not normally a huge fan of role plays, but her stuff is exquisite:

I don’t understand this ASMR whispering stuff.

Nor do I. Guess I’m one of those people who it just doesn’t affect.

I actually find it incredibly annoying lol.

This guy is really good. Doesn’t talk much. Uses lots of props.

These young ladies (twins!) are pretty good too.

At this point I’m pretty sure it’s mostly a fetish.

There’s no sexual component to it. It’s not a fetish. It is sort of niche I suppose, though there are thousands of people making ASMR content and the most popular content creators have a million subscribers and tens of millions of hits per video, so not that niche. I mean, it’s not as popular as unboxing videos for Disney toys, music videos, or Let’s Plays, but there are, for instance, way more people who watch ASMR videos than watch videos about board gaming.

I mean, there probably is for some people. I mean, it’s the internet.

But generally, ASMR is not sexual, no.

That stuff creeps me out.


Ear cleaning is a whole ASMR subgenre

Dude, wtf, stop.

“…‘thrilling sensations’ and ‘shivers of pleasure’. With that kind of endorsement, how could I pass up my chance?”

omg. that instantly relaxes me. 40 seconds in. my shoulders are less tense. I could use this to fall asleep. I’m not an ASMR fan (my only exposure is to the ones on twitch.)

The whispering wrankles my goose bumps and puts me on edge. That is the opposite of relaxing to me LOL. Makes me want to jump out of the bloody window.

Me too, but then, I have misophonia. AMSR is the bane of my existence.

Had to look that up.

As soon as she starts really whispering, the stuff you can barely hear, the problem for me is the click sounds in her voice start sounding very, very prominent. Maybe that’s a feature? But yeah, count me out for this ASMR thing.

Can we get an ASMR thread separate from this one? I don’t want to unfollow the MRE stuff, I find that neat, but ASMR is the opposite.

Good idea.

I’ve sent a moderator request.