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The Internet Porn Statistics for 2007. South Korea loves them some goddamn pornography!

That is revenue. China and Korea are where companies host their porn servers to avoid the legal problems of selling clips where 13 year old girls get banged by a horse.

And who the hell just searches on the word “sex”?

I don’t know, but they’re exactly evenly split between gender and age group. Convenient, that.

Are the demographics for who does the search or who the search is for? I find it hard to believe that way more women search for adult dating than men for some reason. If that’s true, where are these women? I want to know for research purposes.

You want to meet women who date throught the internet? Call me biased, but that sounds like a good way to find an ugly date that lacks self confidence and is maybe even horribly disfigured.

Wow, fuck you. Seriously.

Unless you’re kidding.

I had a friend who went home from a night of drinking with a woman who he later found out was a burn victim. According to him, it was no big deal. “Just a little burned up, s’all.”

Elmhurst, IL, people!

What the fuck is going on in Elmhurst? Top US Cities Search Requests for all catagories in the freaking chart. I wish my hometown had a legacy like that.

It’s probably one person.

How the heck do you people in the US find any pr0n without using the word “porn” “xxx” or “sex”??? oh wait…

Paging extar…

Damn, you’d think horribly disfigured would be a hint.

Note to self: use smilies.