A TV for Grandma

So now that Grandma has a clock, she needs a TV to watch! She will be watching generally non-HD stuff: news and DVD movies, although she might get HD in the future. She’ll be close to the screen, so CRT is out – I don’t like burning out her retinas and I can’t stand that awful capacitor noise.


  • Thin: LCD, plasma
  • Nice contrast ratio, 8ms response
  • 32" or 37" (other sizes considered)
  • 720p, 1080i, etc
  • NTSC input tuner (oldschool cable?)
  • $700 to $1500, including shipping

Preferable features:

  • ATSC input tuner
  • built-in speakers of 20W+ or so
  • MIRs
  • cheap shipping or in-store pickup

This is the ballpark:
Syntax Olevia LT37HVS: $1140AR + $200 shipping