A/V Receiver issues - help a noob

I just started using an A/V receiver for use in a home theatre type of setup - my first time using a receiver ever. When I first got it, it was hooked up to a fairly older TV, so I had it setup like this:

Cable box/DVD/PS2 <-> receiver <-> composite cable <->TV

This setup worked fine - although I had to use the composite feed out of the DVD player and Cable box into the receiver. The speakers are on a separate set of wires and work fine.

Cue to yesterday: I upgraded my TV to a big honkin’ plasma. And we hooked up to the pre-wired component cables like this:

Cable/DVD <-> component cables <-> receiver <-> component cables <-> TV

It works great for Cable and DVD viewing. However, when I hooked up the PS2 (and Gamecube) component feeds to the receiver, I don’t get any video on the TV.

The receiver has basically 5 video: two assignable component inputs, and three other “Video” inputs that take only composite. So technically it seems like the composite should work, yet it doesn’t - when I switch to Video 2 for example (PS2 composite in) I get the audio of the game, but nothing on the TV.

So my dumb question: shouldn’t the receiver be able to take the composite PS2 and Gamecube inputs, fiddle with them and send them out over the component cables to the TV? Should it be working or do I need a different input for the game systems and/or different cable to the TV? I thought the component cables to the TV would be all I needed.

More expensive receivers with up convert the composite signal to component automatically, but many do not. You can just run an additional RCA cable from the composite output on your receiver to an available composite input on the new TV.

Yikes… composite?!? The PS2 and GameCube both support component too. Can’t you at least use S-Video though? The video quality of composite is really bad.

Definately go for s-video on the consoles. Some third-party s-video cables work better than others so YMMV. If you try one and it looks awful, just return it for another brand.