A/V receiver recommendations?

i’m looking to buy a new receiver, probably in the $300-$400 range.

ideal receiver would be a 6.1 that puts most of the money into sound quality, with no video switching or maybe just s-video. does such a thing exist? all the mid-price receivers i see have component switching, which adds to the cost, but is something i won’t use. i will probably be getting a couple of audio authority A/V switches at a later date for my video switching.

any input is appreciated.

Those days are gone. Even cheap receivers now have component switching, and pricier ones have high bandwidth component switching.

In your price range, check out the Onkyo TX-SR502 or 602.

Onkyo all the way!

thanks for the recommendations. i decided to go with the sr502. got a refurb from J&R music for $150.