A Washington, DC - area Qt3 "Shoot Club"?

This may seem like a really stupid idea, but:

For those living in the Washington, DC area, any interest in putting together a semi-regular LAN group to play PC/console games?

Yeah, that’s seems pretty stupid to me. Why would people get together to play computer games?! Next you’ll want them to cart their computer over to your place and have everyone hook up to ethernet cables. Imagine!



Actually, I was thinking it might be stupid in the sense that we might not have critical mass in the DC area in terms of Qt3 folk.

I’ve been to a couple of LAN parties in Northern Virginia, and maybe I’ve just been to the wrong ones. Everyone there seemed to be an uber-geek (and if someone seems like an uber-geek to me, that’s pretty bad – I’m a former systems administrator!), following the Aleck’s theory of technical competence.* Seriously, there are some scary people out there doing LAN gaming…

Anyway: anyone in the DC area interested?


[size=2]* Aleck’s theory of technical competence: “In 99% of all cases, technical competence is inversely proportional to social skills.” (Note: should that be “all Cases,” Loyd? :wink: )[/size]

I’m in the DC area. Might be interested.


I would be interested if we got enough people together.

– Xaroc

In the DC area myself, but have absolutely no idea what is involved in LAN games. What do I bring? And what kind of games are you thinking of? I generally play strategy games.

This may be moot since I’m going to have a kid in the next two months. Will have to drop out of gaming for a while.

Typically FPS games work best at LAN parties or maybe RTS. It has to be something you can play in a reasonable amount of time. You generally bring your computer including monitor, a lan cable, maybe a hub, a set of headphones, and of course yourself.

They can be great fun with enough people. Tom has the great setup of having 4 machines always setup so people don’t have to bring them so it can be a weekly thing and I am sure they have found games that are good for 4 player. I prefer having at least 10 if not 20 people because then you can generally find a game you are interested in and setup decent 4 on 4 or larger teams.

– Xaroc

I’m with Xaroc on this one. A good LAN party with a good group of people is a wonderful thing.

A bad LAN party, on the other hand, is an experience to tell your grandchildren about. My best LAN party story involved the guy who was heating up pizza in the oven – IN THE PIZZA BOX – and got distracted by a game of CS. 20 minutes later, the smoke detector goes off, he opens the oven, smoke pours everywhere… And, in the chaos, someone jacked my copy of Interstate 76. Bastards…