A Way around the Five Character Min Post

So I saw something the other day that triggered an idea. Somebody posted a single image, but somebody else wasn’t able to see the image (it was blocked or whatever) and consequently said “How come there’s nothing in that post?”

What I realized just now is that you can use the fact that the img tag contents count toward the minimum post to get out of writing out 12345 at the bottom of posts that only have quotes in them etc.

Basically, you add an image tag with a crap url like this:


This seems to work to make the post look better, and I’m assuming that the browser just bails on trying to resolve the image url.

Any thoughts on this? Is there any reason to suggest this is bad for the forum or bad for browsers or something I’m missing?

Courtesy of Rimbo: ampersand hash three two semicolon



Oh that was low. :(

404s pointing to non-existent servers are fine, they will just add a little time where your browser’s loading bar spins but does nothing. 404s pointing to existent servers are another thing entirely. And anyone using a DNS server that practices 404 hijacking will see who-knows-what (I don’t).

So instead of typing 5 characters, your solution is to type 22?

Amazing. (mean-spiritedness edited out by me.)


That’s a good point, but I’m kind of anal about these things…I find adding additional meaningless characters (like 12345) confusing and annoying. I’d rather type 22 characters and avoid having random numbers at the bottom of the post.

And anyway, the Rimbo solution is also only five characters. It’s hard to represent which is why it’s causing confusion but it’s this:

& # 3 2 ;

but remove the spaces. That’s the html code for a space character.

Hm. &-32;

You could send Tom a PM and ask him to change the minimum characters per post to three, as five is just the vBulletin default. This would restore the essential:


and so on.

You may have a bit of a challenge persuading Mr. Chick that this accommodation would lead to an improvement in the quality of posts, however.

Not quite low enough for +1, though. That’s the real goal.

Oh, the minimum could easily be set to two characters, too.

You could also edit the board style to show post count in a much larger font or in bold or hot pink.

You’re just saying that because you haven’t seen what happens when you reach 5000 posts…

I suspect that was kind of the point of the five character minimum in the first place. Things like LOL or OMG don’t really add anything to to a discussion.


Version 3.x of vBulletin is the NO FUN version. It also:

  • kills quote pyramids
  • prevents ‘shouting’

To which Tom added:

  • no formatting to text that changes its size or color
  • no graphical emoticons

You can still post that image of Rimbo in drag, however.

And Funkula’s comment brings us full circle to Spoofy’s original post.