A way to assign sounds to programs?

Is there any utility that will allow me to assign sounds to certain program events that do not have built in sounds? For example, we sometimes use Google’s Hello at work to send photos of test result panels back and forth and chat about them (I know it is not the best way to do it, but the customer uses it and likes it.) However, there is no sound associated with a user logging on or sending you a message (unlike most IM programs.) There are other programs for which it would also be very handy to be able to assign a sound to a given event.

I did look in Windows Sounds and there are no sounds associated with the programs I’m interested in. So - any slick utilities that will do this?


I’m not 100% sure that no such program exists, but I don’t see how one could function because there isn’t a generic event mechanism in Windows beyond windows messages which are too generic and low level to really tell what high level functions a program is doing when you see them.

Note, though: you could probably write a custom program that looks for very specific Windows events, like a new window has been opened and the window class or name of the window is xyz (whatever Google Hello uses, often found by running Spy++) or the text box that represents the chat window has just gotten new text written into it, or whatever you need. I just doubt there is a general purpose app that fills your need since you’d have to hook into the program in very program-specific ways.

Thanks - that was kind of what I was afraid of. In this case, a little window pops up, but if you aren’t watching you’ll miss it.