A way to stream music from PC to iPad?

I’d like to not have to plop all my MP3 music files into iTunes as iTunes is already a mess. Is there a way to stream my normal music folder full of MP3’s to my iPad then (I’d like to listen to it while I do dishes).

There’s a few gazillion ways to do this, I think.

I personally like Plex , which is a media server with apps for all kinds of devices (including iOS)

However, my experience with Plex is that you need to be fairly meticulous with your directory structure and your ID tags for everything to appear as expected.



Does Plex have a lot of overhead?

REI - Can you figure out if subsonic sends music to a central server then back to a device? Comcast has bandwidth limits so i’m not sure if that would present a problem.

I heard good things about Air Playit but haven’t used it myself.

There are dozens of other choices but you should really use iTunes.

subsonic + isub music streamer. Been using it for years hours every day (audio books during the commute and music while at work).

plex - bloated, slow, crash prone if you have a large library.
subsonic: super efficient and light on the resources. Scans and updates library with almost no impact to server. Very stable.

hate hate hate hate itunes.

Another vote for Subsonic. It’s freaking amazing. It even streams videos.

This mirrors my experience exactly, but I have only been using iSub + Subsonic for half a year.

Any medium or large size collection and iTunes is fucking useless. It’s like they don’t want you to purchase large amounts of music or something.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by medium or large. I’ve got around 25GB of music, and it works fine, but some people have 100 times that.

I mostly listen to rdio these days anyway, really. Music collections are so 2004.

if you have limited bandwidth, iTunes Match streams off their servers.

Subsonic uses your home internet connection’s upload to stream as it streams directly off your PC. Is that data going to be an issue?

OMG I got it working! Woohoo! Thanks so much!

Brian based on your comment about video… I wonder if I can stream Youtube to my Roku player? Roku still doesn’t have an official Youtube app and I love watching BBC comedies from Youtube.

Mine is just 3 times that but even on an iPad 3 or iPhone 5 I find it unusable. I thought their iCloud match solution would be perfect but it’s f’ing useless as well. The interface just can’t keep up.

iSub looks pretty bare bones but it’s fast and stable and most importantly doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out every time I want to find a song. Great cache management tools as well.

Thanks I’m going to give that a try. Last time an unofficial youtube app was up Google sent them a cease and desist and had it removed. I don’t understand why Google is having such a fit with Roku and YouTube.

Google wants everybody to use their HTML5 UI, which allows for not only interstitial advertisements but ancillary ads on the side, pop-ups, redirects, and so on. Roku’s hardware doesn’t support that.

This channel doesn’t have “YouTube” in the name, and it isn’t developed by a Roku employee (the previous one was), so it hasn’t been shut down… yet.