A woman of many talents


I love the hockey one

What does the .lv url mean? Is that Livonia or something?

Man those Balts are funny…

EDIT - I looked it up and its Latvia. I guess I’ve been playing too much Diplomacy or something… In any case those Balts are still whacky.

My vote is for the LoTR one and the Skateboard one.

Great Stuff

Can everybody please attach a SFW or NSFW label to these odd topics? How can I determine whether to look if I don’t know whether I’ll get fired or not?


they’re safe, no problems there

Apskati uzmaniigi indeed!

It’s so easy to become an Internet Celebrity nowadays.

Safe and funny!!

He’s a favorite at one of the forums I frequent.

Don’t ask - no one knows the story.

(re: pic #3) Someone e-mail Sparky to add this chick to TCFH.

Those are so photoshopped! :)

The breakdance one made me literally lol.