A500 retro machine is coming

So a few days back they officially announced the Amiga 500 Mini, which is exactly what it sounds like (though it is also A1200 compatible). Same people as did the C64 one. Today they announced the full line-up, which is actually pretty great.

I’m kind of tempted to get this just for Speedball 2, as none of the remakes feel quite right, and Super Cars II. You can also sideload games.

Finally, but whats with the few games…there where a zillion games, these retro machines just don’t deliver in terms of quantity…still I welcome it.

Mega-lo-mania! Wow, I loved that game so much, and I thought it was relatively unknown.

I agree the line-up is a bit weak in quantity. Things like Chaos Engine and Simon the Sorcerer can be played on PC as well. Needs more Psygnosis.

EDIT: I missed sideloading games. Much more interesting. I hated giving up my A500 for a PC back in the day.

Hoping they do a full-size version like they did with the C64, but apparently the full-size TheC64 only sold about 20% of what the mini did. So, fingers crossed.

Not going to buy a mini Amiga, as I could just play those games on an emulator if I’m not going to have an Amiga form factor anyway.

Also, no Faery Tale Adventure? (Or F/A-18 Interceptor or Archon, but I get them not being able to license EA. And yeah, needs Altered Beast and Lemmings!)

It’s not the Amiga 500 Mini.Careful, Ginger_Yellow. You might get sued.

I would’ve gleefully bought a full size TheC64 but they were never available in the US when I thought to look.

I imported during the dying days of first the ST and then the Amiga—so maybe I just have really bad memories of it and don’t want to do it again.

I loved this gave back in the day. Pinball Dreams too. Still, no desire to play them now

I’d also love a full sized version, but I already have Amiga Forever.

Sideloading games, you say?


When is this available to purchase?

When is the Video Toaster mini addon coming?

Its so weird that its a gamepad, and not a joystick that is included. Especially since this is clearly a console for those who owned it back in the day, and not for newcomers.

Pretty sure I remember using the Gravis Gamepad around this time, and based on their button coloring it looks like that is kind of the feel they were going for (though it doesn’t use the same pad).

I misread the thread title as an AS400 retro machine and I was all, cool! I can relive my first job!

How does it compare with an Amiga Emulator though? Because the last time I looked at that, like, forever ago, Amiga Emulators are pretty good, and it was pretty easy to find stuff online.

And you can probably run an Amiga Emulator in your phone.

Sure, the same’s true for most of these mini retro devices. They’re toys, basically. It’s about the plug and play convenience and the cute factor. Though at least these give you a little more flexibility than the more locked down ones.

They are also incredibly hit & miss. The Sega offer was great, but other than that, they have all been pretty meh, and some downright terrible.
They prey on preorders I guess.

I would imagine that this is exactly that.
I’d be surprised if they sourced new Denise and Paula chips.

I’m surprised already they seem to have secured the rights to some Kickstart!

My brother has the SNES one, I haven’t seen it myself, but he says it’s great. (Though him and his 4 kids never really ended up playing it much. His kids dominate the gaming machines in the house, and they gravitate more towards Game Pass games these days).

Well, it’s as good as anything related to that Nintendo console can be, which sets the bar pretty low!
Console wars are back :O