I really, really hope someone has a worthwhile suggestion for me here. When I go to play Warcraft III multiplayer, it restarts within the first ten minutes of the game. It’s fine in single player, but in MP it dies. Any suggestions as to what I might be able to do to fix it??

I just reformatted my hard drive, and Warcraft III is the only program on it. It’s gotta be hardware related, but it doesn’t seem to be heat or power. I’m dying to know what’s going on, so any idea is worth examining.

AMD XP 2100+
Santa Cruz Turtle Beach Sound Card
GeForce 2 Ti
512 MB RAM
Windows 98SE

I don’t have this problem with any other game, but it happens consistently in MP Warcraft III. It really ticks me off.

Lose the K7AMA and replace it with almost any Nforce2 board. The ALi chipset is not famous for its stability or compatibility.

Hmmm…That’s a thought. I really hope that’s not the problem, as I don’t really have the disposable cash to buy a new motherboard right now, but I’ll keep that in mind. My best friend has a nearly identical setup – same mobo – and doesn’t have that problem, though I realize the slightest difference in system setup could cause all sorts of compatibility issues in one machine but not another.

Thanks for the tip. Any other ideas still welcome, though.


Are you SURE it can’t be heat related? (Could be that MP puts more stress on the system than single player…) Is there a motherboard monitor type program for your system that you could use to check your CPU temp when playing the game?

I’ll do that. I’ve checked my BIOS temp every (or nearly every) time that it’s crashed, and it never seems as high as it consistently runs just fine. It’s pretty well-cooled, and I keep my study pretty cold, just 'cause I like it that way. :-)

It certainly is worth double-checking, though. I can put one more fan in the case, if I decide that’s the problem, and they’re dirt cheap.