Aaargh, why can't my two stupid computers "see" each other?

…on my Windows LAN that is. They’re in the same workgroup, their IP addresses don’t conflict, I’ve disabled/turned off firewalls etc. Could it be because one has SP3 and the other doesn’t? It’s driving me batty.

just go to start run and type \ heiripaddress here to get to them.

Thanks, I’ll see if that works. If it doesn’t, clearly there’s something I’m missing.

Have you specifically setup a share (folder, printer) on one or the other to be seen?

Also, one of the ‘gotchas’ for windows workgroups is whether both PCs have simple file sharing enabled or not. If you are having trouble, try setting both to simple file sharing under the following: My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - View - Advanced Settings (scroll down) check the box for simple file sharing.

Related to that, esp. when you do NOT have simple file sharing going, you must have the same user accounts on both PCs. Meaning, either make sure both PCs use the same user name and password for logging on OR that there is a user created with the same name and password on each other’s computer… you don’t have to use it but it should be there.

Lastly, try enabling the Guest account on both computers.

(If you are not seeing enough detail on user accounts try right-clicking on a My Computer icon, choosing Manage and then users/groups to see account info.)

One thing I want to complain about XP SP3 is that it lies about including the Link Layer Topology fix for networking with Vista computers! If you try to install the fix, it refuses to install if the computer already has SP3, but SP3 doesn’t actually include the fix.

Well, I’ll have to check about the username thing, but I know it worked before (a few months back), and I’ve made no changes on that score. Also, I’m not seeing a “simple file sharing” box where you describe Mr PeaCH, at least not under Win XP SP3.

I do have folders on each machine that are marked as shared (read only) for any other computer on the LAN.

Can you at least ping one computer from the other? If not, perhaps they’re on a different subnet for some weird reason.

Do you have Norton installed? I had similar problems, and it was Norton. You have to go into each computer’s Norton settings and add the other computer’s IP addresses to the trusted list. And to do this you need to assign static IPs on your router.

OH SHIT! Yeah, this. Dollars to donuts there is some Norton or McAfee firewall running and those damn things are completely counter-intuitive.