Abandon Ship - Sunless Sea, FTL, and a Kraken

Indeed - I don’t know what @murbella is reading that requies a “whatever” response, but you understood correctly what I was getting at. Its something that I’ve noticed quite a lot, and why I’ve changed my stance on EA games to Mr @tomchick stance, and I’ve stopped buying the games in EA, because they often end up completely different from what the developers originally promised.

Subnautica was VERY close to being a victim of this, seeing how people have been clamoring for co-op and multiplayer over and over and over - thankfully, the developrs have held out, and delivered a kick-ass single player game.

No it wasn’t. The game was intended to be multiplayer from the beginning, they decided to focus on single player and ignore the calls for multiplayer. All it meant is they didn’t delay the game to add multiplayer.

While am sure you are right, some game dev out there listened to fans and the game wasn’t as good, but I have had a positive experience with 99% of the EA games I have played. I would bet the devs listening to feedback is extremely beneficial to most EA games.

I understand what you are saying, and dammit, I misremembered the early plans, but people were clamoring for it to be multiplayer, kinda like they do with pretty much every single player game out there (Salt, Chronicon being just two examples that come to mind, where one folded and went MP and one didnt). Anyways - nicely remembered!

Now - back to you Ken with your regular Kraken news!

Patch time!

I’ve enjoyed this a lot, but really dislike the puzzle nature of each zone. I wish it was less of a rigid ‘x events while trying to keep the chaos timer down’ thing and a bit more freeform exploration though.

BIG new update. This skipped off me pretty badly for how horribly difficult it was on immediate early release.

But each major content/development patch they’ve added has really brought this game into a more refined (and thankfully balanced state). Haven’t played the new patch–just installed–but eager to hear any impressions.

Haunted Seas update out now!

New update, opening three new regions. Also, a short-term (48 hour) sale at 33% off.

I’ve enjoyed the little bit I’ve played of the game, but being early access I put it on the backburner. I wonder how close it is to being finished, now.

Anyone play this recently?

On my wishlist but still waiting for it to drop out of EA

I’m not playing another one of these until I know the developer respects a player’s time. Sunless Skies was exceptionally annoying with the immense amount of downtime we had going back and forth and back and forth SO SLOWLY between sites. If it weren’t for the cheat engine speed hack I would have given up on sunless skies.

I have, and it’s pretty terrific now.

Why would your issue (which shouldn’t be an issue at all, frankly) with one game be an issue here, in a different game that plays in a different style from a completely different developer?


I blame the OP’s subject header.

Also, every stop bumping this thread until Abandon Ship is out of early access plz! Here’s me: “Oh, look, new posts in the thread, it must be out of early access!” Here’s the thread: “Psyche!”


No. The thread knows how to spell.

I thought this was the exact same kind of game made by one of the previous developers of Sunless Seas.

It’s got far more to do with FTL than Sunless Skies. One of the complaints people have about it that I see is that movement on the map is too fast.

Haha OK cool. I’m interested!


Are the ships destructible? I guess that might make the game less fun…