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Discussion for entries posted to the Quarter to Three front page.


It does for me:


Hmm yeah that may have been removed as a feature since it caused confusion.


We discussed this on the old boards, but once the FP article import is complete, am I correct in that…

  • Previous Disqus comments won’t be imported to the thread.
  • No one can comment on FP articles any longer without a Qt3 account.
  • Qt3 accounts are still vetted, so there won’t be any drive-by/impromptu comments from new visitors.

That sound about right? I love the integration, and I understand the requisite decisions it entails, but I do lament that the public at large can’t comment on articles without a Qt3 account.


The import of blog posts with actual Disqus comments is complete. What you’re seeing now is a slow backfill of sad, lonely blog posts that had zero Disqus comments. As Google or whoever hits the web page with the blog post, it triggers creation of the associated Discourse topic.

Commenting will now be limited to those willing to create a forum account, yes – I would argue this is a good thing, given many of the comments I’ve seen on those blog posts and that’s not even counting the deleted ones that were visible in the import file but not imported over.

That said, it it is completely up to @tomchick if we wants to

  • possibly turn on Google / Twitter / Facebook logins which makes it a lot easier to create an account

  • possibly let all new users arrive without vetting and post immediately


Ah, OK. That’s great!

I lean towards requiring the normal Qt3 account as well, and not enabling external logins, despite the loss of drive-by comments.

Although, is it possible to allow Twitter/FB/Google account creation, but as a low ranked user restricted to Front Page category posts until promoted by Tom to gen pop?


Yes that is possible – but Tom didn’t like the #front-page category as a thing, and would prefer that movie related topics go in #movies, games in #games and so on.

However, what you are describing would require that blog / front page posts continue to have their own category, as permissions in Discourse are set at the category level. The minute you move a topic into #games it would no longer be accessible to a new user.


I follow, but in that case, why do we have a Front Page category? Is it transitory until threads are sorted?


This is a holding pen. The trick is cycling all the posts into the games and movie forum without clogging up everyone’s new posts lists. Which might have already happened.

But, yes, this is strictly temporary. Going forward, all front page comments sections will go into an actual subforum.

And it sucks that people have to register to comment, but it would suck more if all the front page posts had to live in their own subforum. That would completely defeat the purpose of integrating the forum and the front page comments. :(


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I thought there would be some way to manage drive by posting with user levels? Or was that a mistaken impression?

I figured any new arrival (call that level 0) to Qt3 would be able to post a couple of times at most, and then get vetted and raised to a level 1 which allows unlimited posting. The flagging system would be used to quickly block any spammers taking advantage of the free post or two. This would mean a drive by front page commenter would need to create an account but I thought encouraging sign ups was a positive. I guess this isn’t how it works, though.


I was trying to follow one of those teeny-tiny links in these front page articles. Specifically the one about Saints Row IV:

However, in Chrome, it launches a tab but nothing ever shows up in the tab. I find it weird that when I pasted it in here, the preview pane shows the title of the associated article… I was originally thinking the source article was somehow not there any more, but since preview found it, I guess it is still there. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

(Edit to add: clicking it here goes to the article as expected, so the link is fine, except when I click the teeny-tiny one in the article).

When I click the link from the article the URL the new tab is trying to load is this:



Will all front page posts be attributed to Tom? Even if they are by Nick Diamon or Bruce Geryk?


I just posted a new front page article, and it appears the system has duplicated it in the topic.



One thing weird about the linking in of the front page articles into the forums is that if I read the article in the forum version post there’s no ads served at all vs the front page version. I don’t know if ads are intended for the forum at some point, but it feels kind of weird to have the forums act like as an ad-block against their own home site…


Duplicate links to identical content strikes again @stusser



So the number of comments for all topics is shown as forever at zero. Is this going to continue to be the case?



Oh yeah you mean here

Can we fix that @arpit.jalan? On my blog it’s working and I also use embedding, you can see there for details.


OK, this is fixed. Turns out previewing the blog post was triggering creation of another post, e.g.




@eviltrout added and deployed whitelisting support so only URLs of the form /fp/\d{4}/\d{2}/\d{2}/.* will get Discourse topics created for them.

I will delete the duplicates where they exist. If you find any more, let me know.


I need to follow up on that as well, I can repro the link in that one not working, but the tiny footer links in other Front Page topics seems to work fine?

edit: for some reason, the target URL wasn’t saved in the table for “links in the first post” on this particular topic even though it was in there. Re-importing it fixed it. Perhaps some blip in the import process, we’ll check the others and see.


Will do! Thanks!