About the Front page category


Let me see if we can mute the category for everyone – @arpit.jalan can you take that?

Sorry there are a much larger number of zero comment blog posts than we anticipated!


Sure, this is now done. “Front page” category is muted for all the existing users.


Sorry. What does this mean?



You should no longer see 30-60 new, empty (because they had no Disqus comments) Front Page topics every single day.

We can un mute it once all the topics are here.


I’m confused as to how the old comments port over during the Front Page Migration. Do any of them port over?



They were allready migrated. There was about a week lag between getting the Disqus export file and completed the import work so Disqus comments for one week were effectively lost.


Every link I click on shows zero replies. No comments on any of the stories. How were they migrated exactly?



Try this link:


Turns out a lot of the front page articles had zero comments.

Are you saying the Disqus export was incomplete, e.g. You know of old blog posts that definitely had comments, that we did not get in the Disqus export file?


That link yields posts with tons of comments. Which confuses me further.

Yes. I’m sure a ton of front page articles had zero comments. But it’s hard for me to believe that every single one I click on does.

Like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

I understand that many front page articles get zero replies, and that has classically been the case as the discussion largely goes on here. But every article I click on has zero replies. And I’m struggling to understand why that is.

Thank you again, wumpus.



@arpit.jalan has fixed this, so now comment counts are correct on the blog proper.


But that is not the case.

Here is a screenshot of the front page right now:

There are 8 comments for that post.



Looks correct to me…

Any ideas here @arpit.jalan?


Looks correct for me now too.

I don’t get the discrepancy, but thank you for responding, @wumpus. Looks like it’s fine now.



Doesn’t look correct to me. Neither on PC nor iPad, Chrome or Safari. If I browse to the front page and navigate to the movie podcasts, I’m still seeing zero comments.


OK @wumpus & @ChristienMurawski, on the front page, when that post appears in the list of recent articles, it shows the proper 8 comments. However if I use the front page navigation menu to go to the movie podcast articles, that’s when I see zero comments.


Aha does that help narrow it down @arpit.jalan?


Thanks for bringing this issue in our notice @mono!

I just pushed a fix, should be good now.


What happened to our little QT3 icon eyeball thingy that I used to get to the actual front page? At least on my phone it’s not showing up today. It was at the top :)


I still see it at the top right.


It’s gone on my mobile view (Iphone). Still there on my desktop, for me that’s upper left right above where it says Quarter to Three Forums.

Oh well, unless others have trouble I’m good as long as I can get there easily from home.