About to break down and get a console

That’s what I always did back in the day with my VGA switch on the Dreamcast. Custom soundtracks on the Xbox? Pffft, that’s so 1999.

If you’ve got the module that plugs into the controller, you’ve got plenty of options. There’s the MS official headset (bulky, expensive, not really durable), many replacement headsets marketed for the Xbox (mine’s a $5 Madcatz, but you could go for the $50 Plantronics Halo2 branded one too), or even use one of the scads of wireless|cellular phone headsets available. Supposedly it’s either wireless or cellular, but I can never remember which because, I’ve used my Madcatz headset on my wireless phone, and my cell phone’s headset with my Xbox. While it’s possible my equipment is unique, I’d doubt it since it’s all wife chosen stuff based on looks, rather than based on cool features like I would’ve done.

If you don’t have the module that plugs into the controller, well, welcome to the world of console accessories, and choke down the $30 for the Microsoft headset.

What kind of speakers do you have (2.1, 5.1, etc.)?

I’m planning to return my Logitech Cordless controller, since even at 2 feet from the reciever it seems to drop button pushes. Anyone have a similar experience? Is it me just projecting my suckage onto the controller?

Just the ones that came with my system. A pair of desktops and a subwoofer.

I meant to ask an additional question: what kind of input cable do you have coming from your speakers? At one time, all of my connections used 1/8" stereo jacks, and I had a hell of a time finding a switch for them (all the ones in Radio Shack were RCA). I finally found this one. (There was a reason I didn’t use a 1/8" to RCA plugs adapter, but I can’t remember what it was).

Thought you might be running into the same problem, but it sounds like you’ve got RCA cables. Radio Shack should carry the kind of switch you need.

As it is, I bought three of the MK1’s and now have feeds coming in from a GC, DC, XBox, and PC (the latter two in 5.1) all routed through a receiver and the switches, with an MK2 routing the fronts to either my speakers or my headphones. Bliss.

Return it for another - mine has performed flawlessly for the last 6 months and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I have found that you need to be a little heavier on the buttons, but I’ve only noticed this in XBMC, never gaming.

How close is your WiFi router? Is your sig other using the net while you’re playing?

My Xbox is in the mail!

Can someone tell me about the dangers of putting in a larger HD? A friend says that if I mod the Xbox that I can’t play on Live?

How close is your WiFi router? Is your sig other using the net while you’re playing?[/quote]
Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. I’d ask how you knew I had a WiFi router, but it’s probably ninja skills or something.

The router is under the desk, the logitech reciever is on top of the Xbox, so maybe 4 feet total. The controller is about 2.5 feet from both of them. The problem is present whether the WiFi is in use or not.

Is it the Cordless Precision controller, i.e. the second version that’s smaller, runs on only two batteries, and has the start and back buttons on the lower left like the wired controllers?

If so, I have just returned two of them. My first version Logitech controller (bigger, four batteries, start and back buttons in the center) has developed a drift in the left joystick, so I tried to replace it with a Cordless Precision.

I found that you have to press the buttons much more firmly to get them to register. This was causing me all kinds of headaches in Phantom Dust, as split-second attacks or defenses just wouldn’t happen unless I jammed my fingers down. I returned the first one, thinking it might be malfunctioning, but the second was exactly the same.

Maybe it’s not the receiver that’s the problem.

Yeah, it was one of those. It now has a “return to vendor” sticker on it. Cords aren’t so bad.