About to make my first Wii VC purchase

I remember the PC Engine/TurboGrafx version of R-Type being a flawless coin-op conversion that gave me many hours of gaming bliss back in the good old days, so now it’s up on the Wii Shop I just can’t pass it up. Did anyone else try it yet?

Random thought: Since Wii is doing TurboGrafx games, is Chan & Chan too much to hope for?

EDIT: Shit, they added Super Mario Bros, too. Now I need even more Wii Points!

I think just about anything is possible on Virtual Console. I never expected Military Madness to come out, especially not this early.

Just downloaded SMB. Sheer bliss.

R-type is a lot harder then I remember it being. It’s a fun shooter but definitely not a very forgiving one. SMB was actually one of the hits last night at the new years party I brought the Wii too. All of us basically showing off bugs, tricks, etc. Street Fighter was popular too. The big winner of the night though was Super Swing Golf.

Toejam and Earl!

R-Type was my first VC purchase when it went up on sale yesterday (in Europe). Ah, the silky-smooth animations and the pixel-precise controls! They even give you three (THREE!) credits for continues, and a rapid-fire button. And it took me less than an hour to beat the first boss. :p

EDIT: Shit, they added Super Mario Bros, too. Now I need even more Wii Points!

How many copies of that game do you own by now? Nintendo really does have it made. They just re-release Mario Bros for every console/handheld they make and fans dutifully purchase it over and over. Amusing.

eh? The last release for super mario bros was on the Gameboy color almost 8 years ago. It has made a grand total of 3 appearances, the original SMB on the NES, Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, and Super Mario Bros. Dx on the GBC.

Super Mario Bros. also released for the GBA last year.

my first purchase was SMB… sadly… soon followed by MB. (although I’m not sure why… I always thought that game was rather dry)

Had some friends come over on the 30th and we also pulled down Street Fighter (not nearly as fun with the limited characters imho), and Bomberman.

Bomberman was a lot of fun… but a bit limiting since it was the initial release (I believe) the lack of a punch power-up was a major downer. but still a LOT of fun for 4 people!!! (5’s a possible but we played only with 4)

I was thinking of trying out R-Type too, but I ended up buying too many other games and ran out of Wii points.

I’ve actually been having the most fun with Street Fighter, since I used to be obsessed with the SNES version from back in the day.

I can’t understand the grousing about Nintendo releasing games weekly because even if I had the system since the first day, I’d never have time to play everything on Virtual Console AND the new Wii games.

Do those people who complain about the release schedule actually play the games or do they just download them to say they have them?

So is there anyway to have Nintendo keep your credit card information on file or maybe to buy points online and have them applied to your account? I’ve already burned through the first thirty bucks I spent and I think it’s a pain in the ass that I not only have to put in my CC info every time but my address just to buy more points. I guess I’m spoiled by iTunes and XBL Marketplace.

People grouse because the rate at which Nintendo releases games means that they may have to wait for the game they WANT. If I really want Contra (to make up an example, I have no Wii or no idea when Contra might be available on VC), and it’s not being released until Jan. 22nd, that stinks for me. I may also want SMB, and you’re right that I couldn’t play both at the same time if they were released at the same time (and maybe I’d pass on SMB if I only had $5), I might make due with SMB until Contra came out, but I’d gripe.

There’s also the fact that people pipe up when things aren’t done the way they’d do them.

And, it’s not like you’re on stable ground chiding people for buying more games than they can play at a given time. ;)

I see it as more complaining about the slow trickle of games. No one gives a damn about Urban Champion, statistically speaking. I don’t want to play everything on Virtual Console, I want to play the games I want, and not have to sort through the countless fodder of Nintendo press releases.

The only way I could see that the goofy release schedule WOULDN’T bother you is if you for some reason intended to play most or all of the VC releases. Dave, is that you?

Actually, that’s only true in the most literal sense, as it would be difficult to play both simultaneously, a controller in each hand, on two TV sets. If you mean, as Dave said, that you wouldn’t have time, however, you’re wrong; each of those games is barely half an hour long.

Of course, that’s only if you beat them in one go, which you wouldn’t, especially not Contra. But you also wouldn’t expect to play Contra over and over and over until you finally beat it; those kinds of no-save games are generally best enjoyed in short bursts anyway.

I was surprised at how quickly my fingers remembered SMB. I think I could play the two first levels with my eyes shut.

And R-Type is still hard as hell.

Now that I think about it, it’s the first time I’ve ever actually owned SMB.

I got to Level 5 of Super Star Soldier tonight. Made it to the boss of 04 on my first life. The game is just punishing when you finally die that first time, but boy does it feel good to blaze through a huge swath of it without losing a life.

I’m looking forward to more shooters on VC. Hopefully the rights to Thunder Force III can be figured out. I’ll pick up R-Type the next time I have points. I really need to play that again. Space Megaforce needs to happen. I never owned that on SNES. Axelay… Cybernator… I expect to see those eventually.

Got to Level A of Super Castlevania IV tonight too. It’s just so classic and as hard as it is, once you wire a level, it’s another game that feels super rewarding for having completed another section.