Abramoff rolls

So Abramoff rolls over and will be assisting in further investigations, but no one’s posted anything here about it? K Street is crumbling bit by bit and you guys are too busy trying to hound out some newcomer to discuss some really big deals?

C’mon, guys!


I’m going to wait for evidence that some powerful people are looking at jail time before getting all excited. This just looks like another example of the smallest evil taking one for the team. In a few years, he’ll be a well-paid speaker just like all the others.

The smallest evil taking one for the team? The half dozen congressmen he’s ratting out, are they not on the aforementioned team? Or do you have a very loose definition of the phrase “taking one?”

Haven’t they all pretty much given back or donated the money they recieved? Will their constituents even know what these congressmen accepted?

I’ve been watching this, and Abramoff certainly is singing sweetly, promising dirt on dozens of congressmen. As of yet, nothing much has come of it though.

If you steal a bunch of money and then return it when the investigation gets close, they don’t just call off the dogs.

In the Abramoff case, much of the money he gave is long-since spent; those cows were outta the barn in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

And although congressional ethics rules can be a bit inscrutible, some of the things Abramoff hints at (paying congressmen millions under the table to get favorable votes in the House) is still pretty damn illegal. It certainly appears as if Abramoff’s many tentacles (fake charities) operated as a money-laundering slush fund to channel cash, gifts, and trips to congressmen in an effort to secure favortism.

What has it been, a day? Two?

Like I said, wake me when someone other than Abramoff is looking at jail time. I’m still waiting to hear the results of Tom DeLay’s indictment.

Edit: Look, I’m aware of the number of people being named. But after five years of watching Bush’s team commit one disaster or crime after another, and me going “Ha! Surely THIS is the scandal that will finally bring them down!” and then watching each scandal getting dismissed without comment, I’m under no illusions that a bunch of senator bribe money will have any noticeable impact. Maybe one or two particularly disliked senators will make the front pages for a while. All in all, this will all be forgotten in a couple of months like everything else in Washington.

We’re a nation more concerned about Brad and Jennifer and our favorite TV shows than we are about the rampant criminal fuckery going on in Washington. I’d love to be proved wrong, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

That was my thought as well. A plea bargain is, like, the diametric opposite of “taking one for the team.”

A friend in Washington that I got to know in the days when I did some business with the government tells me that a lot of people are more afraid of this than they have been of anything for a long, long time. (And they aren’t all on one side of the aisle, btw.)

My wish: 15 or so Senators and Congressmen/women end up in a cell next to Trafficante.

I think there may be individual Democrats involved but his guy’s Republican, his motives, duplicity, and the vast majority of the people who benefited from his activities were Republican through and through.

Read this editorial. Should put things in a clear perspective. I’d quote it but then I’d end up quoting the whole thing.

WP: Abramoff And His Vanishing Friends

I have that same dream.

I dont think anything will happen, maybe some embarrassment or fines. I think it is more likely he will be shot or something than for any republicans to get jail time from this. And I dont think it is very liekly he will get shot. i’m not sure a bullet could penetrate his giant super coat anyways.

[QUOTE=Brian Rucker]I think there may be individual Democrats involved but his guy’s Republican, his motives, duplicity, and the vast majority of the people who benefited from his activities were Republican through and through.

Read this editorial. Should put things in a clear perspective. I’d quote it but then I’d end up quoting the whole thing.

Oh, I have no doubt that you’re right with regard to which party this guy is primarily involved with - I was a little surprised at his (my old aquaintence in D.C.) comment that any Democrats at all would be anything but ecstatic at this. The full comment (got the email here) is “and not all of the guys shaking in their boots are on the Republican side of the aisle. Once this kind of thing blows open and people start getting subpoenas, suddenly there’s a lot of collateral damage from not only the wigs directly involved, but all of the people involved in this type of activity. The fear is where all of this will branch out - lots of people on both sides working the shredders and making phone calls right now. It should be, if we’re lucky, a LOT of fun! Becky has already told me her boss [ed. insert.: Becky works for a Senator, whose name I assume I shouldn’t use on an open forum when quoting an email - Jeff] has canceled a few trips and half day meetings in order to do whatever he needs to do to rub the brush over the trails.”

This could be an absolute cornocopia of opportunity for the Democrats with the elections on the horizon.

Right, but my point wasn’t that I didn’t think anything was going to happen, but rather that I don’t see much to comment on until something more concrete happens.

If this is true then things are gonna get really fun.

Cunningham wore a wire? Didn’t see that one coming.

I guess since we are into doing remakes, Operation Greylord had a good plot and characters.

“M-m-master, when I was on the Quasar I had a paracoita, a doll, you see, a genicon, so beautiful with her great pupils as dark as wells, her i-irises purple like asters or pansies blooming in summer, Master, whole beds of them, I thought, had b-been gathered to make those eyes, that flesh that always felt sun-warmed. Wh-wh-where is she now, my own scopolagna, my poppet? Let h-h-hooks be buried in the hands that took her! Crush them, Master, beneath stones. Where has she gone from the lemon-wood box I made for her, where she never slept at all, for she lay with me all night, not in the box, the lemon-wood box where she waited all day, watch-and-watch, Master, smiling when I laid her in so she might smile when I drew her out. How soft her hands were, her little hands. Like d-d-doves. She might have flown with them about the cabin had she not chosen instead to lie with me. W-w-wind their guts about your w-windlass, stuff their eyes into their mouths. Unman them, shave them clean below so their doxies may not know them, their lemans may rebuke them, leave them to the brazen laughter of the brazen mouths of st-st-strumpets. Work your will upon those guilty. Where was their mercy on the innocent? When did they tremble, when weep? What kind of men could do as they have done - thieves, false friends, betrayers, bad shipmates, no shipmates, murderers and kidnappers. W-without you, where are their nightmares, where are their restitutions, so long promised? Where are their chains, fetters, manacles, and cangues? Where are their abacinations, that shall leave them blind? Where are the defenestrations that shall break their bones, where is the estrapade that shall grind their joints? Where is she, the beloved whom I lost?”

– Gene Wolfe, The Shadow of the Torturer

Has anyone heard a joke ending with the line, “I hope he doesn’t Jack Abram-off, 'cause that could get messy”? If not, I am thinking of copywriting it, like Pat Riley did ‘Three-peat’.