Abstinence-Only Sex Educators want to smash your junk


The critique of Deltano’s performance at Dominion High was conducted by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. It included criticism of his decision to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of condoms against HIV by dangling a cinderblock over a male student’s genital area. The group said the drill gave a message of fear and shame and misrepresented statistics about condom failure.

And for more WTF goodness:

Montgomery County schools recently banned a group of abstinence educators who asked students to share a piece of chewing gum to demonstrate how sexually transmitted infections can be spread.

Yes kids, swapping bodily fluids without protection is bad, and to demonstrate this point we’ll make you do it!

We had to destroy the students in order to save them!

Well, look at the upside, since we’ve already shared bodily fluids…

“Dude, quit whaling on my junk!”

I think we’ll look back on abstience-only sex education programs in 50 years and think “yeeeeeeeeah, that was a great idea, trying to get kids to not have sex at the height of their hormonal production. Geez, what were we thinking? Remember when we pretended racism in the South didn’t exist either? Or AIDS didn’t exist?”

I think what the abstinence-only people are really missing is an educational video on par with Reefer Madness.

Well, there is a Sex Madness

I have some great ideas about how to teach abstinence only education now.

“Now the rest of you girls do NOT want to be in as compromised a position as Emily is demonstrating here. See how easy it would be for her to have unprotected sex? Do you realize how easy it would be to get her pregnant? I dont think you all understand how serious this is. Let me show you…”

This would make a great Robot Chicken episode.

demonstrate the ineffectiveness of condoms against HIV by dangling a cinderblock over a male student’s genital area

He’s not suggesting that condoms are as effective as popping your cock in a breize block as contraception is he?

Or abstinence, otherwise he’ll smash your nads in with a brick? Actually that one might work. I might have been scared off sex at the thought of a crazed religious nut trying to mash my giblets with a brick if he found out about it.

Be honest with yourself, sausagepan, it just would have made it that much hotter.

What phase will they look back on, the part from 1900-1960, or after? Or the whole thing?

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk . . .

Old news.

How in the hell does teaching abstinence have anything to do with sex?

Yeah, another thread to laugh at insane abinstence-only teachers, because we haven’t done that before on this forum!

Abstinence isn’t a bad thing. It’s a shame that people and classes like these have made it into so much of a joke. However, the percentage of people who abstain until marriage (or at least engagement) is never going to change much from it’s always been, and anyone who thinks otherwise, especially in the sex-charged society we have today, is completely out of touch.

So you are claiming, within a single sentence, that

  1. Abstinence percentage has been highly stable, historically.
  2. Abstinence percentage is therefore immutable.
  3. Society is sex-charged today, relative to the past.
  4. People who disagree with you are out of touch.

I think you’re bluffing.

Neither is never going outside. But we all still were really sad and a little angry when the kids locked the girl inside the closet on Venus.

No, we have. And we’ll continue to do so, because it’s really, really dumb.

I remember hating that story.

Be honest with yourself, sausagepan, it just would have made it that much hotter.

Dammit, busted again, do I have to vote Tory now?

Abstinence isn’t a bad thing.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone claim that it is, the problem as with that other agenda that the god squad push is that “their” ideal has to be promoted while lying about any opposing view. Telling kids they’ll go mad if they have sex or that Condoms don’t work as a means of “promoting” abstinence just isn’t helpful. And it deserves contempt and ridicule.

Some guys pay to have hot chicks kick them in the junk. I bet a swift whack with a mallet or the drop of a brick would have its own loyal audience.