Academics ahoy! Any ideas/workflows for developing content hosted on Moodle, that is also printable?

Hey hey brainiacs! I’ve recently been thrown into developing course content at a private college, and the existing systems seem somewhat inefficient. There must be a couple smart people here who can help out with workflow ideas!

Assessments are all written in Word docx and formatted for print, but are also converted to be used online in Moodle.

This is how it works atm:

  • There is a master marking document that includes all assessments and benchmarks, made for printing out.
  • From this a master assessment document can be created by removing the benchmarks and changing covers/headers/footers.
  • This master assessment document is then split into individual assessment documents, which are linked for download so students can download and print the assessments out if needed.
  • Then each of these individual assessment documents is basically re-written into Moodle using TinyMCE/Atto, so everything is available online in the browser.

This last bit is quite the bottleneck, as there seems to be a bunch of little custom classes used to unify how things look and function, and just pasting content from the Word documents into the Moodle editors usually results in a mess anyway. There’s a fair bit of ‘paste as text’, re-formatting, and direct editing of the html to get things right.

Since the majority of our students study online and everything needs to be submitted through Moodle anyway, this whole ‘master documents target the printed version’ thing seems backwards.

So I’m looking for ideas or workflows that reverse this focus, and instead develop a document that more easily transfers to Moodle’s html editors as the primary master, with marking documents and print versions coming from that. I did some cursory investigations into Markdown but not sure it’s that capable in terms of pictures and tables. Is there a better way?

It’s probably a long shot posting this here, but… somebody? Anybody?
Thanks! :)