Access report question

Ok…I’m a novice at this but it’s driving me nuts.

I have a new access program with 3 tables. One is a master fishermen info list. I have a vendor code for each fisherman to use as a primary key. The 2nd table is a fish ticket table. I enter tickets with dates and pounds and it calculates prices. That code column is in there so I have a link between the two tables as a one to many from the master list.

I entered 4 fishermen and 8 fish tickets. I made a report and pulled that info and it looks good…lists all the tickets under the fisherman’s name…perfect.

I then have a 3rd table…a fishermen’s payment table. I entered TWO line items, two payments for 2 of the 4 fishermen I entered fish tickets for.

I then go to my report and add two of the cells from that payment table to my report so I can print out settlements showing tickets and/or payments.

The problem is that when I run the report it only lists those fishermen with payments…gives me their fish tickets and payments but does not list the other 2 that just had fish tickets and not payments. I need all of them…I’m sure it’s simple but I have spent a few hours redoing the report, redoing the relationships, really can’t figure it out???

you need to review the query that is being created for your report in question. It sounds as if by default Access is creating an inner join (where there exists a fishermen ID in both the tickets and payments)

You want an outer join, where it includes all fishermenID regardless on if they have a payment or not for their ticket.

I hope this helps you in identifying where to start looking (the design of the report; the data source)