Accessing an external USB drive connected to our router?

This may sound dumb but I have no idea how it works when you have a USB drive directly connected to your router. I know our Asus nighthawk router has that capability but how is the drive accessed once it’s connected?

Usually via SMB (mounted as a windows share, like \router\sharename).

You may have to enable file sharing from the router’s admin panel.

Didn’t ASUS have a big security issue with attached storage a few years back? Definitely look into that, and make sure your firmware is up to date.

Yeah, be sure you aren’t exposing anything to the internet by scanning yourself with something like Shields Up. (I generally dislike the non-sCary Steve Gibson, but his portscanner is one of the better options available.)

Wow, is Steve Gibson still around? I’ll check the security. The router actually made it pretty easy to set up and set passwords and account names and individual permissions (e.g. read, write permissions) and the drive shows up in my network. I’ll create a shortcut on my wife’s PC to make it easy for her. Nothing confidential or private will go on the drive no matter what the security tests show; I prefer to assume the worst case is possible.

Yup, Steve is still around. I watch him on TWiT’s Security podcast every so often.

I’m here to rant that my 3TB WD MyBook doesn’t work when plugged into my Netgear EX7000 wifi extender’s USB port. I guess I have to find a dumber external disk for the Netgear to use.

I had a similar setup to that once… WD had some special software to mount the drives… is that still the case? If so, maybe you have to use the software to mount them before you will see the drives.

How is it formatted? Maybe the Netgear is expecting exFAT or FAT32 and your drive is formatted as NTFS.

NTFS. According to this Netgear KB page, NTFS is supported.

I thought that the 3TB WD MyBook’s driver is optional…something about “SES”…oh well, I guess it’s stuck to being hooked up to a computer instead.