Acclaimed boardgame Through the Ages is more useless than ever

For some reason, Through the Ages’ publisher figured they’d make an iOS port of Through the Ages. As if.

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On sale for $9.91!

What is the point of the title of this article? I feel like I’m missing the joke.

That the digital version obsoletes the boardgame.

Does it work in offline mode for Steam?

Android version works great except no AI really for MP. Disclaimer, I have never played the actual board game.

Nice pivot, Tom. For a moment I was thinking you’d lost your mind.

So as someone who has appreciated such board games from afar, but a) doesn’t want to invest hours into learning them and b) rarely has enough people interested in playing together, how is this a single-player experience?

Excellent. I mostly play single player.

Ah, got it, thanks.

Yes, Through the Ages is one of those games that I like the theory of, but never bought since I knew I would never get to play it. There is an upper limit to my gaming groups complexity, and time, one that means anyhthing more taxing and time commited than Railways of the World or X-wing. With kids a long game drags forever, since all of my regulars have kids.

We’ve played a handful of longer Euros, the Le Havre’s of the world, but the reality is they just aren’t good for our group. So a game like Through the Ages would fall flat, as we spent half a day trying to learn the rules while fighting our kids chaos.

So maybe it might be time to check it out.

It has an excellent tutorial, and plays very well single player. In fact, that’s all I’ve ever played.

I boardgame with at least two guys who’d normally be a lock for the physical version. But I’m confident we’d never actually make it through a whole game. Just too much accounting.

The digital version really is a revelation. I’m a little bit surprised it got made at all, let alone so well.

I play single player and multiplayer. it’s great. They even have that slow-ass mode some people love… like 3 days to do a turn kind of things… so thousands of sessions at any given time even if there are less than a hundred online. Or for a die hard, no timer at all.

Which one is better Steam/PC or iOS version?

I’m assuming the IOS and Android versions are identical, since I own it on Android. At any rate, the PC version offers some QOL improvements such as tool tips, hot keys, and achievements. Other than that they’re the same.

Like more achievements? because Android has achievements.

Does it? I don’t recall that, but it’s likely I didn’t pay attention since I usually don’t care about that sort of thing.

I find that made our cardboard version of TTA obsolete. I have trouble seeing how the app version is better for playing with my friends, but I might pick it up on steam for the possibility of playing versus AI opponents.

It does. I recently received Exciting Finish, it’s when you are in last place after the final round but with the remaining cards you get to first.

This game seems like it would be a nightmare to keep track of on the table, but I am enjoying the application, SP and MP, a lot.