According to a major Canadian bank, the Canadian dollar will achieve parity by Dec

Seeing as the US dollar was almost $1.70 in 2000, this might account somewhat for the steep rise in oil prices.

A major Canadian bank, you say? Isn’t that like half an American bank?

Ohhhh, funny!

Cute, but ignoring your joke: No. Canadian banks are very, very large. Much larger than almost any US banks, the US big boys like Citigroup excepted. That’s because the barriers to entry for banks are much higher here, with the Big Five fiercely guarding their territory. We have much less banking competition in Canada.

As for the loonie at par, it’s unsurprising. Canada has a good chunk of oil, and potential oil, and that’s worth the big bucks nowadays. We’re also not spending a significant chunk of our GDP on military spending. We still have productivity issues, though.

One American bank is like 1/1400 of a Canadian banks. There aren’t that many Schedule 1 banks here.

Don’t forget the absolutely massive amounts of minerals and precious metals we have up north.

But then again, the rising dollar isn’t that good - it’s demolishing whats left of our manufacturing industry.

And oil out west.

These jokes are going to be especially awesome when the canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar.

Don’t worry, we’ll never notice.

This is especially funny when Canadian banks are buying up American ones.

Apparently, we Canadians are really sensitive about the size of our banks.

Our banks (Canadian) can beat up your banks (American) any day.

This is everybody in this thread:

Anders isn’t even from glorius North America.

like big banks, etc. etc. cannot deny, big banks, got sprung eh? yadda yadda…you know the rest.

Seriously, dude, if you think the canadian dollar and/or american dollar is going to rise/fall by 10% in the next 12 months, you should not be wasting your time on Qt3.

You’ll have much more credibility when you’re posting from your yacht, so start trading those currency futures.

Except it isn’t Jakub who is making the prediction. It’s a bunch of bank analysts. You know, the people who trade currency futures?

That was a generic ‘dude’, not necessarily directed at Jakub, although he did start the discussion.

Anyhow, I now return you to your normally scheduled “our banks are bigger than your banks” e-peen discussion.

Holy crud. 94 canadian cents to 1.0 US dollar.

Can people like, start saving money so US currency is worth something? I really liked when 1 USD was like 1.3 euros.

Seriously, what determines exchange rates? Fundamentally it is perceived stability and balance-of-trade correct?

Let’s hustle and get these Europeans to buy some American crap!