According to Jim renewed

I just watch it for the 2 female leads.

The wrong Belushi died.


Also, why are we discussing this? Tivo, people. I thought that show was cancelled five years ago.

It’s a national shame is why. This aggression must not stand, man.

You make a very persuasive argument. Let me dig up my Lord Humungus outfit, and we can commence the siege on Disneyland.

Ahh Lord Humungus.
Is there any problem that can’t be solved with a leather jockstrap, a hockey mask and a bullhorn?
If there is, I don’t want to know about it.

I don’t know what is more sad, According to Jim being renewed. Or someone watching a show for the two female leads.


The fact that this is renewed every season while Arrested Development was canceled makes me think I probably won’t be watching a single hour of network television within 5 years.


I don’t know which is more likely, that the Nielsen ratings system is broken, or that people, in general, are broken.

Each are equally likely and each possibility means astonishingly little to me.

Quite possibly the worst sitcom I’ve ever seen. It would have been bad in the 80s, which was in itself a terrible period for sitcoms, full of cliches and re-hashed storylines and laugh tracks. To think that there’s an audience for this shit now…

The only logical explaination for this is that somewhere way up in the hierarchy is a network exec with a serious thing for Courtney Thorne-Smith (or Jim Belushi for that matter).

If I cared about network tv, this might actually upset me. Its not a bad show… its just not watchable if you’ve ever seen a sitcom before. Ok, it is a bad show.

I can’t think of too many shows I care to watch next season, new or returning. Tops probably 2-3 network shows and 2-3 cable shows.

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