Accordion Hero

It’s not up on the Schadenfreude Interactive page yet, but I must have this game. Now. Watch for my band, Oompah Loompah, on the high score list.

Man, I’ve had this game for a month now and I still can’t do Bellen Am Mond on the Expert setting.

It’s actually a pretty funny game. I’ve got a review copy we’ve been using at Shoot Club, and the guys seem to like it, even though the songs aren’t exactly, umm, familiar. I have to send it back in two weeks because it’s a prototype of the accordion. :(


Did I oversleep for an entire month? This is one hell of an april fool’s joke.

Is this the followup to Theremin Hero?

Took it back. An accordion game with no Weird Al songs?

WTF, Schadenfruede? Too cheap for a “Polka Your Eyes Out” license?

“Our assignment is to knock out the nuclear-weapons plant at Falafel Heights. The plant goes on line in 12 hours and is heavily defended. Now, if you have trouble hitting your objective, you secondary targets are here and here: an accordion factory and a mime school.”

And to think we accuse the Germans of having no sense of humour.

My thoughts exactly.
But if they do an Elaikeläiset expansion, I’m preordering.

No…I’m thinking Mellotron Hero. We could get Robert Fripp to endorse it fresh off of recording all those ambient sounds for use in Vista.

Where’s Al when we need him?

rotflmao, these guys are hysterical

"Also on the list of upcoming releases is another racing game set in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, which is Need For Speed: Underhill. Ulrike Käsegeschäft, Schadenfreude’s VP of Marketing, says:

“Nazgul Thunder 2003 was such a success. I was to be surprised to see so many were interested in hobbit car racing! Since movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious are very popular in the US, we have made a hobbit street racing game like this where the cars have spoilers bigger than ‘Frodo throws the Ring in Mt. Doom and Gollum dies’. Oh! I hope I did not ruin the movie for you who will not read books.”"

Schadenfreude’s Gamasutra post-mortem for Age of Ornithology makes me regret that these guys never get a North American release. I suspect that Accordian Hero will show the same lack of polish as Hannibal Crossing did, but Nazgul Thunder was an underappreciated racing game. Much better than Mario Karts.


It’s time to cut out the middle man and go straight to Piano Hero. I can’t wait to try Rachmaninov’s Third Concerto on expert mode…

That’s already been done. It’s called lessons… ;)

I’d rather play Dead Men Rising:

In WWII, Germany’s U-boat fleet suffered heavy casualties, losing over 700 submarines. Tens of thousands of men went to a watery grave.

Sixty years later, some of them came back.

Actually, a game like this that was compatible with MIDI keyboards would be awesome. The jazz comping levels would be the best, I think. I would buy it.

There’s been some work in this direction. The PS2 version of Keyboardmania evidently supports MIDI keyboards given the appropriate converter. Also, the Yamaha EZ250i comes with a custom version of Keyboardmania for PC.

I must get this. This is going to be perfect for the drunken post-match World Cup parties this summer. Anyone know where I can buy it online?

The Accordion Hero post mortem is now up at Gamasutra.

Oh, that crazy Otto.


Play Accordion Hero - go to jail. It’s the law.

That’s pretty cool, but did I see blue aliens on their website?

MacGamut helped me quite a bit in my last semester of Music Theory, but it was lacking in voice-overs.

“You’re doing great!”

“The auditioners LOVE you!”