Account is gone? A STEAM-y mystery

So I log on to Steam, as I sometimes do, to check for updates and such. It takes a long time to come up, and when it does, it asks me for my password, which is not filled in. It’s never done this. I type in what I think it is, and it takes forever, and finally it says it can’t connect to the server.

I try requesting my password, and it doesn’t recognize my account name. I go on the Steampowered support site to request my password, and it doesn’t recognize my account name either.

Unable to Email Password The user ID you supplied does not appear to be valid.

Wtf? Accounts supposedly can’t be deleted… so where is mine? I just connected to a DoD:S server last night, no problem.

I can’t find any advice for “my account is fucking gone for no reason” in the QnA. Anyone have any ideas?

I think Valve deleted the accounts of all the people whose credit card numbers were stolen in that Steam Cafe deal. I guess you’re going to get identity thefted!

Your post count just went up by one. Other than that, I have no clue why you posted.


Well, I figured it out. Peer Guardian was on. My girlfriend must have left it on, and since it’s never on I didn’t think to check. I wonder what the hell she was downloading… or do I want to know?

Anyhow, sorry about the thread, if you have the power, delete it.